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I might as well be re-watching Neon Genesis Evangelion at this point; at least the philosophical and religious themes worked to create a dramatically dark and moody theme whenever the leads were at their worst. Here, we just get a radically transformed Shu consisting of delusions and mental breakdowns so far left from the buildup of his character since ten weeks ago that I’m about ready to fall out of my chair from disbelief at how badly this show is being handled.

Oh wait, this show being badly handled is old news by now? Where have I been?!

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11-19-11 Jo's 25th Birthday-4252

More adventures on the photo-blog side of life at the moment. One of my close friends came back from New York and celebrated her birthday early with some more of our friends from college. I was in charge of photographer duties that night and was thankful to use Kevin’s studio lighting once more to aid in my efforts, as well as grateful for Joana’s parents for allowing me to capture all of the wonderful moments.

Backlogs upon backlogs. Life is grand when you know you have a huge list of things to catch up on. On the anime front, the Fall season is progressing nicely, and most shows are now somewhere between the seventh and eight episode of airing. Still prepping a giant overview of the season so far in addition to photo-blog posts while juggling work and recovering from a nice throat sore. Ailing health aside, otanoshimini!


Our reward for witnessing the big resolution of our first antagonist’s plight and class president’s big reveal: Haruaki and Fear caught in the act… of cube maintenance? Poor Konoha.

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The confrontation! I feel like these have come along before, but this week takes another fresh stab at the Yachiyo x Satou dilemma; something I’m sure many a shipper probably took to much delight once again.

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Because we think walking around in several circles around one of the two main characters while donning a a fancy red suit and church attire is influential enough to warrant a nearly 47-minute long War of the Holy Grail history lesson. Better yet, let’s drink some red wine while we’re at it.

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When the idea of a simple Rubik’s Cube morphs into a concept of a powerful being capable of storing and using any and all torture devices known to man for the sake humanity’s need to punish, you know you’ll be in for quite a rush of a story. Unfortunately, it took me four weeks to begin appreciating this show; on the bright side, now I’m hooked.

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Kodoka asks a question to himself that will probably be the basis for the serious side of this series: are there really friends that can care about each other their whole life?

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The Fall season’s most anticipated series finally gets the review treatment here, and what better way to start things off than to not highlight the main female protagonist in the introductory image. Why? Because I think Tsugumi just proved herself to be far superior than damsel-in-distress Inori in both usefulness and overall character introduction. Sorry Inori, but your last-minute class transfer better work wonders next week.

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It looks like we’re getting a refresher on what it’s like to merge co-ed and all-female schools together with what I can only assume to be a healthy dose of dangerously provocative antics and harem bouts. Sena-chan does not approve. Yet.

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I think we can all forgot how terrible a waitress-in-training Yamada is and how moe Popura is, as long as the show continues to accentuate how awesome Nazuna is as the up and coming helping hand for the restaurant. The way she gets on the good sides of both girls so easily was a character trait sorely missed since this show’s prior season airing. Too bad she’s only taking on the job for community service.

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For a club centered mostly around two girls who know absolutely nothing about making and keeping friendships with others, they seem to do a good job at getting along with each other. Looks like we just discovered the next best Kirino-Kuroneko-esque pairing this season can buy after no longer being able to supply our now-nostalgic dose of Oreimo.

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The girl who collapsed at the end of last week’s episode gets quite a bit of screen time as her life reveals the darker side to the nature of politics and economics of their damaged world. Meanwhile, Toori and his classmates continue to think of ways to swoon what apparently is just a placeholder for Horizon’s existence. Who’d have thought the silent type would wind up just being another robot?

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Of the three shows that seem to have goofy action sequences (Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon and Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!!!) that pass off as overblown comedy, Ben-to finally takes the lead of the three to actually have a decent and recognizable back story. Ironically, all three shows tailor to school environments, but Ben-to takes the fantasy elements prominent in the other shows and just gives us some good old street fighting. Kind of reminds me of a certain YouTube video I watched not too long ago.

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A perfect comedy-action hybrid to make a show like IS: Infinite Stratos seem like child’s play. I went in expecting to have lots of character and environmental exposition. I came out after twenty-four minutes with my eyes dried out from rarely blinking so as to not miss the action sequences, and my face hurting from laughing so much. There’s no denying the amusement of a dozen or so powerful students trying to land attach points on their teacher, only to fail miserably each time.

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For a show that really needs no formal introduction, Working!! picks right up where the previous season left off and continues to exploit Poplar’s (lack of) height and her utter cuteness. By golly, I may have died and gone to moe heaven.

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Everyone’s favorite cephalopod-turned-wannabe-humanoid-invader returns for another season of attempted invasions and hilarious hijinks. One thing’s for sure, though: hell hath no fury like that of a squid girl’s raging glutton to help her quickly forget about her schemes. It’s been done before, and I have a feeling it’ll be beaten to a pulp again for another few weeks.

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