What Happens in Vegas…Well Actually, What Gets Stolen In Vegas…

“Phone stolen. Please message me on twitter, facebook, or by email if you need to contact me this weekend.”
9:23 PM Jul 17th via web

Those who happened to have been following my facebook/twitter updates over the weekend know how a seemingly innocent, lighthearted trip to Las Vegas turned into a disaster beyond comprehension. And by disaster, I mean the fact that you really just can’t do anything in Vegas without a valid government issued ID. I mean, for crying out loud, I walked into the Tropicana to bet at a $5 minimum blackjack table and still got turned away. I guess I’ll be looking like I’m under 21 until I’m 40 or so.

But then again, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, either. My, it’s good to have those nice anti-aging genes.

Some idiot decided to ruin mine and three other coworkers’ trip by stealing our phones, driver’s licenses, and one of my coworker’s car keys. On Day 1. Before the sun even set. How’s that for a nice little trip, huh? The bastards that stole our belongings even had the decency to pick up one of the phones, let the line dangle without responding to our kind and polite hello’s, and then completely hang it up and turn them all off.

But times weren’t all that bad. We recovered. We kept our heads up. Sure, we probably spent an extra hour and a half by the poolside scene of the crime trying to cancel our cards and phone lines, but we still managed to survive. We did our best to try and make the most of a Vegas trip without phones, car keys, cash, driver’s licenses, and too much drama. Boy, did it work out. I think.

Despite the utter crap we went through, I must constantly remind myself to be grateful of the circumstances that I was put under amongst my peers. Perhaps there was meant to be a crooked thief that was up to no good that would target no one else’s belongings but ours in order to teach us a lesson. A lesson that we really don’t need phones to survive in this age of information technology? That it’s okay to drive without a license? That it’s okay to have your car keys stolen because AAA is the cure-all for any situation involving a vehicle, regardless of any degree of outrageous circumstance?

I don’t know what that person was thinking, and I don’t bother to care. I’d like to think that what goes around comes around, but if there’s one thing that we all needed to be reminded of this past weekend, it’s that you need to do your best with what you have, act with haste but to pace yourself wisely, and know that there is always a way to right these types of situations. I thankfully had a spare driver’s license back in Murrieta, and my iPhone 4 upgrade is miraculously scheduled for delivery tomorrow afternoon. How’s that for meant-to-be?

I know I am terribly late with posting Day 4 and wrap-up of Anime Expo 2010, but I do promise that it’s on its way in due time. Being in the middle of this madness while attempting to organize the big group Final Fantasy concert and Comic-Cong trip to San Diego this weekend isn’t helping my blogging process, but it’s good to know that I have a healthy queue of writing to fall back into once the dust settles.


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