Jer’s Own Fall 2010 Anime Lineup – Because Ten Shows Is Just…Wow

Welcome to my paraphrased (at least as of when I started writing this), simple (ha), and clean impression of the Fall 2010 season of the wonderful world of coloooor anime. I find it hard to believe that I’m currently following ten shows (at the moment), but anyone who’s ever had a conversation with me about the subculture knows how relatively manageable that quantity always winds up being. That being said, the true list will probably dwindle down to three quarters to maybe half the original lineup. I usually keep a top 3 or 4 under my belt until the season wraps up, and then start back up again next season with a fresh batch. Regardless, I’m excited to finally share at least a teaser’s worth of my true thoughts behind some of these shows instead of just blurting out random posts about a particular episode I’ve watched recently. Enjoy!


Premise: No, not the delicious candy that used to be sold under my favorite “crispy” prefix. This one involves a high schooler by the name of Taro Sado who enrolls in a volunteer club to rid of his extremely twisted yet hilarious masochist personality. Hilarity ensues in his interaction with his classmates and fellow club members.

Initial Thoughts: Definitely a keeper for all of the humor and (so far) good character development by the supporting cast. Mio Isurugi’s superiority complex mixed with Taro’s masochism takes the cake whenever they’re combined, and Arashiko Yuno’s androphobia is reminiscent of Inami from Working!!. Definitely not for the closed minded.

Ore no Imouto

Premise: Kyousuke’s little sister Kirino is a fashion model by day, closet otaku by night, and forces her rather normal brother to help her understand why she loves eroge and anime so much. ‘Nuff said.

Initial Thoughts: As I’ve read amongst many a blog, this show is likened to the true successor of Genshiken in terms of referencing its own culture from the inside-out, all while providing enough jokes and ample story to keep interest levels up. The production quality is, by far, my favorite of the batch of shows I’m watching this season, and being two episodes into the series so far really proves that. Besides Kirino using Sony EVERYTHING (namely the Vaio lineup), the cast of seiyuu also makes this show a must-watch for me. There’s nothing like seeing Alto pull off some Araragi-esque implications in his voice to tsundere Azu-nyan.

Panty & Stocking With GarterBelt

Premise: Panty and Stocking get kicked out of heaven for misbehaving and are managed by Garterbelt to dispense of Ghosts that ravage the city.

Initial Thoughts: What the Powerpuff Girls would be like, but on crack and without the limitations of a daytime adolescent audience. I gave the first episode a try and I’m hesitant about grabbing the second episode, so this isn’t a good sign for the series IMO. Not much to say until I manage the energy to try and sit through a second helping.

Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls

Premise: What 21st century Japan would be like if the Tokugawa Shogunate continued their reign over the country. Oppressed schools, flashy action sequences, and attractive women with swords galore.

Initial Thoughts: The opening scenes really wow’ed me, but I had to close my media player right when the main male protagonist accidentally walked in on two of the other samurai girls changing. Too generic for my tastes from what I saw in the first few minutes, so I unfortunately won’t be giving this show a shot past the second episode..that is, if I manage to even get back to the 2nd half of the first episode.

Shinryaku! Ika Musume

Premise: Moe squid girl begins to take her revenge on humanity’s polluting of the ocean by starting with the attempted invasion of a local beach house restaurant.

Initial Thoughts: How can you say no to a cute squid girl that ends all of her sentences with “-geso” and barfs out squid ink in order to satisfy customers’ spaghetti orders? I already like how the Aizawa siblings treat squid girl with varying degrees of respect – Eiko, the manager who gets pissed off at everything squid girl does; Takeru, the younger brother whose masochistic thrills from being abused by squid girl are reminiscent of a certain character from MM!; and Chizuru, the eldest sister who scares the hell out of squid girl whenever she opens her eyes. The pacing of the show is a bit slow, but the humor and animation are good enough to keep this one in my list of shows to keep.

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru

Premise: An unsuccessful maid cafe hosts a trio of diverse character traits.

Initial Thoughts: About as bland as my attempted Premise one-liner, but I actually have yet to give this show a try. I grabbed the first episode because the art style to me was reminiscent of Genshiken and a little bit of Welcome to the NHK, but I’ve yet to see if the story itself will hold up.


Premise: First year Fu Sawatari, who grew up using her father’s old Rollei 35S film camera, moves to Takehara and meets some friends to share in her hobby.

Initial Thoughts: Main character who likes photography and forms a group of friends as if this was the return of K-ON with cameras instead of musical interests?! Count me in! Only bummer is that each OVA is only about 15 minutes long.

The World God Only Knows

Premise: Second-year high school student Keima Katsuragi is the king of bishojo games and is nicknamed the “Capturing God” for being able to complete any 2D girl route in any game he’s ever laid his hands on. The only problem is that when Keima runs into Elsee, a demon girl who has to capture runaway spirits by extracting them from real girls’ hearts, they form an inseparable contract despite Keima’s complete lack of success with 3D females.

Initial Thoughts: Supposedly another promising show for this season, and the assumptions were correct! I’d rate the animation quality and wittiness of the script to be up there with the second episode of Oreimo. Everything about this show screams creativity and freshness, especially when finding out that the mechanics of the series will closely resemble how Amagami SS is continuing to play out. You also just can’t beat a giant red-light-blinking skull for a nice little spirit tracker.

Toaru Majutsu no Index II

Premise: Toma Kamijo returns as the series protagonist in a city full of magic and ESP users, whilst still being stuck at Level 0 himself and assigned to protect an underage nun who has the contents of 103,000 forbidden books in her mind.

Initial Thoughts: The first season was a hit, and Toaru Kagaku no Railgun as a sidestory was even more of a delight. Almost all of the characters are back, with the exception of Saten-san (my personal favorite from Railgun, not biribiri), and from what I’ve seen from the first episode, the suspense is also back! Always good to see Mikoto again.

Yosuga no Sora

Premise: Twin siblings, heavily dependent on one another, move to their grandparents’ empty home after their parents passed away, hoping to restore their lives and create a much needed sense of normalcy with a new group of friends in their new school.

Initial Thoughts: Definitely listed in my books as the most controversial show this season. And I thought High School of the Dead was bad (but still in a good way). On a lighter note, the drama in this show actually peaks at high maturity levels despite its seemingly juvenile premise, and the romance in this show is as riveting as I like these types of series to be. This show is a must watch for me.

Amagami SS

Premise: Junichi Tachibana is stood up by his then-girlfriend on Christmas eve and is struck with shock and depression. That is, until he meets and furthers his friendships and relationships with the luckly females around him.

Initial Thoughts: Not to be mistaken for a harem, this show actually uses a reboot-type of storytelling to move from one girl’s story to the next without any coherence between arcs. As I mentioned earlier on, this method could potentially be used in The World God Only Knows, but I’m not too sure until that show continues. Nonetheless, Amagami isn’t technically categorized as a Fall premiere as it actually continues on from its debut in the Summer. While it’s natural to follow a series if it continues on and drifts into another season’s territory, it goes to show that Amagami still proves to be one of the definite highlights for the past two seasons combined. A fresh story with each arc, with Nanasaki Ai’s arc being the latest and almost greatest, I really can’t go wrong with watching how Junichi wins over each girl – and I must say, he’s able to do so in some of the most heartwarming and profoundly simple ways. Bravo, Junichi.

Thus concludes my personal Fall ’10 anime lineup. I’m grateful that I’m somehow able to keep up with all of the episode releases through the years, and hope to be able to provide another roundup of the progress of these shows. And as always, be on the lookout for some quick episode highlights from time to time in my status updates!

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