Ore no Imouto, Episode 5

The power of otaku friendship compels Ayase!

Seriously, THE single best moment of the episode. I nearly had to rewind the following thirty seconds to catch what dialogue I missed from laughing too hard.

So we’re into the fifth episode of what is probably the longest titled anime I’ve ever watched (officially titled “Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai”, Oreimo for short), and I’m thankful that I have armrests on my chair to keep from falling over from the hilarity of the script. I’m actually surprised at how faithful the art and story have been to the light novels (that I’m now happily reading through!). Saori Hayami’s delivery of Ayase, though I can’t say it was spot-on since I haven’t read this far into the light novels yet, had me reminiscing of Kaede’s empty-pot-stirring yandere antics (of Shuffle! fame). And Yuichi Nakamura as Kyousuke kept bringing me back to when he voiced Alto-hime in Macross Frontier; that man sure can scream.

But on a somewhat serious note, there’s nothing like seeing Kirino profess to her rather normal best friend that she loves Ayase as equally as her love for eroge and hentai games. I’ve never seen such a huge cat come out of a small bag like that.

Then again, nothing can be taken to seriously in a show like this. Highly enthused and thoroughly entertained, I just cannot wait for the sixth episode to air. Now if only we could begin to see what repercussions Kyousuke will start going through as a result of his mock affection for his little sister, if only to to use it as a segue to Ayase’s and Kirino’s rekindling friendship. D’awwww.


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