Yosuga no Sora, Episode 5

Last time I remember trying this, I almost broke my FACE.

Omnibus format, go!

Akira Amatsume, as a character, is a delightful mix between Clannad’s fragile Nagisa Furukawa and Love Hina’s vigilant Naru Narusegawa. Which is why this episode took me by surprise when it decided to carry on some of the more mature themes it introduced an episode prior. Yosuga no Sora is easily one of the best shows this Fall lineup for its ability to tug on heartstrings, stir up some good drama, and insert proper adult themes that are by no means used as generic plot fluff like what’s often seen in other stories of similar blends of genre. The fact that it’s using an omnibus format to take viewers back a few episodes to tell a different narrative from different characters’ perspectives also adds rare depth and life to what easily could have been a typical harem.

Next week, the continuation of Akira’s story, along with the rest of the cast, brings us closer to understanding just what it is that continues to pain this poor girl and why she consistently finds the need to hide what’s really bothering her, even at the expense of Haruka’s endearing kindness.


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