Kimmidoll Collection – Michiko, ‘Wise’

Michiko 'Wise', from the kimmidoll collection.

I finally got around to unpackaging this gem of a collector’s item this evening, and let me tell ya – it makes a great addition to my bookshelf!

Ever since my stealthy foray into vinyl and figure collection earlier this year (and probably before I even knew it), I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled in trying to fill the empty spaces of my bookshelf with meaningful, minimalistic decorations. It also helps to have family that enjoys collecting vinyl, so I have good influences and great perspective on what’s good and what’s not.

This rose/cherry blossom pink themed kimmidoll happened to have a home in a section of Kinokuniya Bookstore in Little Tokyo surrounded by two other size variations of similar looking ‘dolls’ before I decided to pick one up this past weekend. What caught my eye is how similar it looks to my tokyoplastic geisha girl, followed by the subtle details that highlight the butterflies and her garment lines in her kimono. Printed underneath the base of the figure is kimmidoll’s typeface and the name of the figure, as well as kimmidoll’s website.

I know it's really close to the New Year, but I still have good reason to fill in the first eye of the daruma doll before 2011 arrives!

You can pick one up of similar size (the website classifies them as ‘maxidoll’) for roughly $17 that includes a collector’s card, or grab the smaller figures for about $5 or so. But don’t let the price tag fool you – the maxidoll-size figures are crafted well enough to even be sturdy paperweights! When I took the Michiko maxidoll out of the package, I was a bit surprised at how heavy the figure was, relative to its rather small size (3/4 the size of a standard drinking glass). A rather confident and elegant investment if you decide to purchase one.


Michiko ‘Wise’ description: My spirit engages and learns. By engaging with life, and learning through experience and observation, you release the power of my spirit. Be guided by your desire to learn and understand, and your wisdom will grow.

kimmidoll collection

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