Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #11

The classic gift-giving scenario that involves a gift the gift-giver probably deserves more.

As usual, this series never ceases to disappoint. Kirino’s usual tsun-tsun assaults on big-brother Kyousuke continue in this episode, which focuses on subtle hints of what should still be unknown to viewers who’ve never read the light novels up to this point.

Speaking of light novels, I’m (pleasantly) surprised the writers decided to shuffle the story up and make the timeline in this animated series more anime-original and keep those who’ve read the novels from knowing too much of what’s to come. I understand this could be a potential drawback, especially to those more conservative to the novel’s story structure, but I personally like this direction.


The first half of this episode did some justice in finally bringing Kirino and Manami together at one time and did a good job in showing how contrasting their personality traits are. Though it’s a bit sad at how much Kirino condescended Manami for cleaning the house and seemingly misplacing all of her things, it was also fitting for Manami to successfully one-up each of Kirino’s accusations. Fitting, since the only other person we’ve really seen put Kirino in her place is Kyousuke himself.

The second half lays more constructive ground for the story, which brings Kyousuke to a rental room for an anime celebration party with Kuroneko, Kirino, and Saori. Here, we’re featured with more of Kirino’s pessimistic attitude towards Kyousuke, Kuroneko’s quesitonable manga-writing talents, and Saori moderating the entire event. Being my personal favorite of the batch of characters, Kuroneko shines as she does her best to get Kirino to warm up to Kyousuke and just have fun. She even uses the big screen to display her manga to the group!

Sony Vaio: check. Big screen TV: check. HDMI cable: ...wait, how is she broadcasting to the TV with no HDMI cable?!

And Kirino giving Kyousuke an eroge that she’d probably be better off playing for herself rather than him? Priceless. It’s a cliche method of displaying affection between characters, but the fact that it’s an eroge makes it somewhat fresh and still rather amusing. But seriously, how is she getting her Sony VAIO to broadcast her content to the TV? DLNA? Bluetooth?

So, the next episode seems like it’s going to be the last of the aired ones, which should then give us some time until the next three are released through DVD and Blu-ray. Episode 11 did a pretty good job in furthering the story a bit and helped remind us of the dynamics of the Kousaka siblings, and also just how much Kyousuke has had to put up with Kirino ever since her first life counseling request. To think that this series is already almost coming to a close is hard to believe since it’s been one of the more enjoyable stories for me to watch unfold, but it’s good to finally see some redemption and empathy between the main characters that’s been slowly building up since the beginning of the show.


2 thoughts on “Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #11

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