Kimi ni Todoke S2 Episode 02: New Challenger!

Extreme gardening

Sawako getting into serious-business gardening mode completely justified the glacier-paced new rival arc who I’m assuming will threaten to get in Kazehaya’s way at some point… although he never really paved one smoothly enough to begin with ever since the conclusion of the first season. For how oblivious Sawako can be towards others’ frustrations with/about her naivety, it’s actually used to her advantage in possible confrontations, especially whenever Kurumi subtly berates her for one-upping her chance to be closer to Kazehaya.

Looking forward to seeing the dynamics between Kazehaya and Sawako change as the story shifts towards Kento’s involvement with her and Kazehaya’s inevitable jealous bouts as a result, especially knowing after Ayane’s conversation with him just minutes before in realizing how [over]protective Kazehaya can be in his intentions.


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