Start!! Round 2

Things I’ve learned since opening this page up to world:

– If you’re on the free version of WordPress, themes dictate the freedom of your posts
– Tarski (the theme used as of this post’s creation) cuts off your photo if you add a caption
– At least two of my favorite anime blogs have WordPress themes I really like but obviously can’t use
– Twitter column width is highly restrictive (limited to ‘Widget’ width)
– Twitter sporadically fails to load
– Site Stats is a fantastic tool, much like flickr’s stats when you sign up for Pro
– I probably should start considering the upgradable services on here so I can shorten this list

Biggest gripe in the list, believe it or not, is the lack of captions in order to prevent the right side of the photo from getting cropped on the right – just look at my two previous posts. How am I supposed to subliminally explain how my head feels like Dead Master’s at the moment as I try to figure out this WordPress stuff?

Don’t get me wrong though, just having a site like this go live feels like leaps and bounds over simply posting my notes in facebook. At least here, I have a little more control over content emphasis and organization. Don’t be surprised if you come back over the next few days to see a half dozen more theme rotations just for the sake of satiating my perfectionism. But you have to start somewhere, right?

Start!! Round 2 – somewhere between grand opening and complete renovation, like the Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ down the street because their Ribshack brand completely sucked.


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