Content and Construction

“They say it’s five kilometers per hour..this year, we’ll see a launch at long last.”

Nothing like using a double entendre with one of your favorite shows.

I’ve been such a huge fan of Makoto Shinkai’s works ever since I stumbled upon “The Place Promised In Our Early Days”, so it’s no surprise that 5 Centimeters Per Second came to my mind when I thought about the direction of this blog after finishing up the archival of my blog notes from facebook. After seeing the posts come to life and being able to solve some of the queries I had in my list in Start!! Round 2, I began to feel a lot better about the content I can start sharing.

What I’ve learned so far? Well…

– If you’re on the free version of WordPress, themes dictate the freedom of your posts
Now that I understand the Dashboard controls a lot better, this theme doesn’t feel so restrictive anymore. Although the lack of a banner for this type of layout seems out of place. Hmm..

– Tarski (the theme used as of this post’s creation) cuts off your photo if you add a caption
This was actually an issue when a photo was loaded, formatted incorrectly, and then posted. If I reload the image from scratch with the correct dimensions, the frame around a captioned image is still cut off, but at least the entire photo is kept intact.

– At least two of my favorite anime blogs have WordPress themes I really like but obviously can’t use
Power to individuality! Even thought that’s kind of contradictory since Tarski itself is probably being used by a handful of other WordPress users.

– Twitter column width is highly restrictive (limited to ‘Widget’ width)

– Twitter sporadically fails to load

– Site Stats is a fantastic tool, much like flickr’s stats when you sign up for Pro
Baby steps! Thank you to those who drop by and peruse my content. I don’t expect astronomical view counts, but seeing my progress in site traffic since the beginning of the week is like watching your younger family members grow – you just can’t help but be proud!

– I probably should start considering the upgradable services on here so I can shorten this list
Nevermind, I think what I have now is good enough…except for maybe the disappointing lack of free customizable CSS style sheets.

On the anime front, I’m already behind on writing up my Winter 2011 anime lineup thoughts, but at least I’ll have enough episodes (as many as 2-3) to cover an adequate amount of synopses without giving away too much story. Episode 4 of Infinite Stratos, episode 3 of Level E, and episode 4 of Puella Magi Madoka Magica were made available recently, which are all shaping up to be entertaining so far this season.

Like moving into a new house, condo, apartment, or town home, one must always adapt and adjust to live comfortably. A week into moving into this web space and I still don’t feel completely settled in, but I see a lot of promise in this place that I merely had thoughts of while sitting around a table with my friends at a random dinner spot. Five kilometers per hour? Make that ten.


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