Comic-Con 2011 Sells Out: See You Next Year?

As of roughly 2:30 pm on Sunday, February 6, Comic-Con 2011 sells out a record five months before convention day.

Not too sure about how I feel about this one just yet. Ironically, I had a conversation with my brother-in-law about registering for a Saturday pass just an hour prior to him finding out that passes just sold out. Days before that, we were talking about trying to switch up our ‘tradition’ of going on Sunday and register a little earlier this year. Nope, didn’t happen. Yes, Tran, I know you warned us and we should have listened. But you know, wacky iPhone calendars and general lack of memory got the best of us. Can you at least be my scout for what kinds of figures will be at the booths? =)

I still think it’s too early to throw in the towel on this one until more news pops up on the internet about why registration filled up so quickly this time around (beyond the obvious capacity/venue reasons). Having gone for the last three or four years, each on a Sunday for that matter, it would be a little weird to not be in San Diego during Comic-Con weekend. A conversation with a friend of mine earlier also had me realizing that I probably wouldn’t have been this worked up about the registration closure had I not developed a figure collecting hobby.

But he did make a good point, though. All of us who are unable to go this year will probably be saving a ton of money. Time to start convincing my friends and family to join me at Anime Expo this year instead…


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