Gosick Episode 06: Victorique’s Past

Gosick was never a bad show to begin with, but I was getting a little bored of the mystery-of-the-week formula. Now we finally get a glimpse of Victorique’s past!

Mysterious magician with same green eyes and pale skin as our main heroine?! Dun dun dunnn

In addition to the rather warm welcome of the real Avril Bradley, we are also introduced to the street magician, who carelessly turns Kazuya’s textbooks into a hat that conveniently looks just like what Victorique’s mother would wear. Connections? Not sure at this point, but it made the next scene raise a brow when Grevil became shocked when he thought Victorique’s mother was the one sitting next to Kazuya in the library when it was really just Victorique wearing the hat that Kazuya acquired.

Unfortunately, that decent display of foreshadowing helped make the earlier theft of a marketplace nun’s antique plate rather forgetful and their trip to Horovitz as the more apparent focal point in the story this week.

At this point, I’m glad the show started shedding some light on Victorique’s life. Beyond just being a genius 1920’s soothsayer, we never really knew much of her beyond the gardens of the gigantic library she occupied. Now that we’ve seen some glimpses of the village she originated from and what her parents are/were like, I can be a bit more empathetic of her often harsh and blunt mannerisms. Kudos to Kazuya for manning up for this long.

This week also showcased way more cute Victorique moments, such as only realizing after getting a cavity or two that eating sweets all the time is bad for you (which she’s been doing for the past few episodes now)…

…to asking Kazuya to talk to the squirrel in squirrel tongue…

..to getting Kazuya back by flicking his forehead. It was good to see they got back on good terms after their earlier quarrel in the library, but it was eventually necessary so that they could support each other as they cross the moat and travel deeper into the Village of the Grey Wolves. I’m curious to know whether her mother is still alive somewhere, or if Victorique will be able to clear her mother’s tarnished reputation. At least we can now justify her personality more clearly as someone  who really wasn’t just part of a pompous, aristocratic family, but was just someone who’s been through the struggles of a family created and later broken apart by ill intention and greed.


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