Focal Point: Valentine’s Day in Little Tokyo

This week’s Focal Point focuses on a trip I took with some of my family to Little Tokyo earlier this year. While these photos were not actually taken on February 14, they do show how much love and appreciation exists within the family, and I hope our happiness and prosperity continues for many years to come!

And yes, that is indeed a sign on the front door of Kinokuniya announcing the return of the Haruhi franchise with the tenth and latest Haruhi Suzumiya light novel due out in May. Despite Aya Hirano’s supposedly troubled career, I’m still hoping for a true animation continuation of the series after Melancholy and Disappearance. I think we’re all long overdue for another Hare Hare Yukai fix.

Focal Point, episode one! Act one! Part one! Chapter one! Book one! Actually, Focal Point was an idea I started back in 2003-04 to showcase photos on my then-domain around a central topic. It’s been a while since I was able to do something like this since ending my domain ownership sometime in 2005, so this version is more or less a continuation of that.

So, onto this Valentine’s Day thing. This holiday has now been more of a gratitude-awareness day for me because, let’s face it, anyone can share love and happiness for the rest of the 364 days of the year; why signify the specialty of February 14? After a nice conversation on a boat with some coworkers earlier today, I’ve realized that the holiday can be just as good by looking back to memorable moments in life and being grateful for life’s adventures. For me, I looked back at our trip to Little Tokyo and was blown away – it really has been very long since we were all able to be out as a family and just explore the neighborhood.

And now, we have the newest addition of the family! Just shy of eight months and he just started crawling. These little buggers really do grow up fast. The funniest part about all of that is that as kids, we never ever thought that way. When you have life switched upside down and you get older and wiser, you really do start to appreciate all the nuances in life that you never imagined you’d be involved in when you were younger.

The previous two photos made me laugh because I’m sure my nephew will start getting into some of the things we’re slowly introducing him to as he grows older. As his trusted uncle,  I think it’s perfectly okay if he’s into kimmidolls, iphones, and traveling downtown.

Yep, my parents. And I’m proud of them. I need to take them out to more places. Oftentimes, a change of locale does wonders to people. Our foray into Little Tokyo was basically a mini-vacation, and I’m glad the family had some time to come visit me!

Also proud of these two folks (or should I say three?) And if you haven’t had Mochilato yet, I suggest you make a trip to either Fullerton or Irvine to try their ice cream desserts.


Hopefully next time, we’ll be able to arrive well before sunset so we can check out places like the outdoor rooftop gardens and the museum. Still, nightlife in Little Tokyo never ceases to amaze me.

This wraps up the first Focal Point (in a long time)! Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone who celebrates it; and for those who are indifferent about it, don’t worry! You have 364 other days to express your sincerity. Why not explore some new towns and eat some good food while you’re at it?


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