Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Episode 6: Magiclad Eu

Our favorite mute, armor-clad necromancer actually speaks!

..Sort of. We never actually got to hear her cast death on Kyoko several dozen times, but the way the camera blurred when she spoke and the way all the leaves on the nearby tree fell added a nice touch of epic win.

What else do we get besides a speaking Eu? Magiclad Girl Eu! What’s next, Eu performing Sera’s Swallow Reversal secret sword technique? I’m all for it.

One unique trait about this show is that it’s never supposed to take itself entirely seriously. On that note, I’m starting to think that either Ayumu’s Magiclad Girl transformations have happened in all six episodes up to this point, or I’m just starting to get scarred from the sequence. Still, it’s hilarious to see Ayumu and the gang become more passive of it. I’m surprised Sera didn’t verbal bash him this week; any straight man who dresses up as a magical girl deserves to be questioned.

Oh what am I kidding, who am I to judge? =)

I am seriously behind on watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Are elements of Puella starting to mesh with the characters here in Kore wa Zombie? Kyoko’s endless bouts of rage/insanity made this week’s episode intense to the point that I thought a random witch portal would appear. I guess the massive crater(s) that both Kyoko and Ayumu created were kind of a (very) subtle homage, or they were at least very similar; kind of like how Disneyland supposedly resides in a massive downward concave to psychologically trick its park guests into secluding themselves in the happiest place on Earth. Where’s Kyoko’s happiest place on Earth? Maybe it’ll be Ayumu’s house if the show decides to bring her back a few episodes from now. At least all the other girls are enjoying their stay and leeching off of Ayumu’s food.

And after all of the darkness, mayhem, and multiple deaths (of the same character..over and over and-), we get a glimpse of Eu’s emotions like the sun breaking through cloudy skies after a week full of rain.

If it weren’t for this “King of Night” zombie that Eu claims to have finished off long ago, this probably would have been a great time to wrap up the story. At least this arc has ended and we hopefully get to see more antics within the Aikawa household as a nice break before more darkness befalls our protagonists.


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