Puella Magi Madoka Magica 04: BELIEVE!!!

Well played, Homura. Well played.

It looks like Homura’s streak of cold-shoulder conversation is as cold as ever, which seems to be hinting at a past that’s deeper and darker than we all probably think at this point. And I absolutely love it. It’s like she’s subliminally telling Madoka and Sayaka that they each are going to suffer a world of hurt and despair if they follow in her footsteps. She seems to be the wisest Puella we’ve encountered so far, and yet no one bothers to take her advice. And of course, what does Sayaka go and do?

Yup. Don’t stop believin’, Sayaka.

We’re introduced by Sayaka to the premise that if you just believe like Parappa the Rapper, your dreams may actually come true. Unfortunately for Sayaka, the prospect of convincing a hospital bed-ridden former violinist that he will be able to play again by miraculously healing the nerves in his hands becomes a little too easy as she forgets to ask the bloody details of a Puella Magi contract before signing her life away.

See, Kyubey really is the devil. Case in point:

First, Kyubey uses reverse psychology to make Madoka and Sayaka think that he’s given up on making contracts with the two. Some time passes and Sayaka visits Kyosuke in the hospital and tells him to don’t stop believin’, which triggers a certain entity to appear. Guess who?

Thaaat’s right. Kyubey. Right on the window sill, waiting to take your soul at the slightest hint of a verbal agreement from your poor, naive mouth. Prior to this episode, I didn’t understand too well why so many people were raging on Kyubey. Now, I think I’ve just joined the bandwagon – a bandwagon that hopefully turns him into roadkill at some point this season.

And if I’m not mistaken, the introduction of yet another Puella Magi will help facilitate that more quickly.


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