Puella Magi Madoka Magica 05: Intervention

Crepes, waffles, and taiyaki; girl sure has good taste in food. Also has the ability to wield a very long and powerful spear and fight while eating said food? She must be the long lost lovechild of an affair between Rusty Ryan and Tess Ocean.

After proving herself worthy of taking down witches on her own, Sayaka is shown this episode with more confidence and grace in knowing that her wish to cure Kyosuke has come true. The hospital scene when she brought him to the rooftop to be greeted by family, hospital staff, and a violin seemed beautifully eery; the pseudo tragic-triumphant violin piece itself seemed to foreshadow what’s to come for not only for Sayaka but also for the remaining and future Puella Magi.

So now it’s blatantly obvious that Puella Magi aren’t always glorified heroes who fight along side other Puella Magi for the greater good of society. Kyoko herself isn’t even interested in witch hunts until the witches fully mature. This upsets Sayaka because she believes that witches should be destroyed as soon as they are discovered, even if they’re in the pre-witch ‘familiar’ state and don’t yet possess a grief seed. The differences between an experienced Puella Magi and a seemingly naive one were contrasted well this time around; see, it really is wise to listen to Homura.

And of course, we also get another “WTF KYUBEY” moment. I wonder if, by now, Kyubey’s character rightfully falls into that of a love-to-hate archetype. I think all the viewers can agree at this point that Kyubey’s lying, deceitful, two-faced remarks and actions make him a sort of great sleeper-antagonist for the story (given how he’s currently only a catalyst for the darkness spreading; we’ll see), but that the story wouldn’t be as entertaining without him. I’m just waiting to see all the Kyubey plush dolls at the next anime convention be treated like cursed voodoo dolls.


“There’s nothing I can do” …unless you make a contract with me. BAH.

So now we know that a Puella Magi’s abilities are based on the wish she’s made at the time of a contract. Sayaka wished for Kyosuke’s body to heal so he can play the violin again, so now she has the ability to heal herself in battle. Clever, but ironic at the same time given that Puella Magi historically fight for themselves. So much for asking Sayaka to be the healer for your party.

Another epic episode ends with another epic intervention by Homura. She seems to have a knack for putting others in their place.


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