Focal Point: Deep Creek Hot Springs

Outdoors! Hot springs (in California)! Hiking! Jumping! Fun! Adventure! MRT does it again. What’s next, rock climbing?.

Join me as we take a look at our mid-February trip to the Deep Creek Hot Springs here in Southern California.

Vibram FiveFingers KSO footwear. Chamuel’s footsteps made for a great shot to show just how rugged the terrain was at times.

But even before reaching the trail head, we drove approximately nine miles across uneven dirt road to Bowen Ranch that looked about five times rougher than the above photo. Between my Corolla, Cham’s Civic, and Jen’s Imprezza, I wouldn’t be surprised if we all wind up needing new shock absorbers soon. Not seen in any of these photos are the hilarious bouts of (faked) fright from ‘dangerous wildlife’ crossing said dirt roads. If you’ve ever seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail and remember the scene with the bunny rabbit..yeah, it was kind of like that.

Otherwise, the trails were pretty manageable. The trip to the springs was mostly a smooth downhill gradient. The only hard part was hiking back.

At times, we goofed off and took breaks, enjoying the landscape and breathing in the fresh Southern California air. It’s definitely great to be away from as much air and noise pollution as possible once in a while. It all makes for under appreciated moments of peace and tranquility.

No, there isn’t anything to worship Theo for. But it did make for a unique photo opportunity.

The last of the series of photos above shows us traversing a rather narrow path nestled into a hillside that leads directly into the forty-degree creek we all eventually had to brave and cross. Little did we know after that picture was taken that we’d have such an adventure trying to cross the creek; as soon as you began walking across, your feet and legs would go numb within five seconds. Frigid.

But as you can tell in this last photo, the ice cold walk across the creek was well worth the time we spent in the hot springs themselves. =) It was my first time in a natural hot spring, and it got me excited to experience even more hot springs on my future travels. The temperature was very warm but not as hot as a jacuzzi per se; last time I was in a jacuzzi, I think I developed some skin rashes from the heat. I also now know that dizzy, lightheaded feeling you can get when you stay in a hot spring for too long! Just imagine if there was a plate of sake bottles and cups drifting around somewhere.

Our next trip may take us back up to the Shasta area, which is where our group gathered for the first time and began a tradition of experiencing the great outdoors. We even managed to pick up a few of our friends as new additions to our ‘regular’ group for this most recent trip, so I can only imagine our next adventure being even bigger than before. The more, the merrier!

If you plan on taking a trip to the Deep Creek Hot Springs, remember a few things: stay hydrated, stay cool in the daytime and dry as the sun falls, bring extra clothes if you plan to experience the hot springs, and pack lightly! The hike back to the cars was unforgiving, but our sense of accomplishment was grand.


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