Gosick 07: Green Eyed Wolves!

My bets are on the maid being the key to the mystery this time around. I’m just a little disappointed that we didn’t get a glimpse of her stirring an empty pot before their afternoon teatime.

Kujo and Victorique learn more about her mother Cordelia Gallo and why the village seems so apprehensive whenever her name is spoken. Apparently, the mysterious death of Chief Theodore caused the villagers to think that Cordellia was at fault, so she was banished. Despite this, Victorique is still confident in clearing her mother’s name and continues to bring Kujo along for the ride to experience as many clues as the town is willing to give away.

I’ve always liked when a series dives deeper into a character’s past without using it to pad a season out a few more episodes. Not only is this achieved in Gosick as of late, but it also helps that Victorique’s background combined with her adorable deadpan personality is so likeable to me. That said, I’m pretty sure we’ll have a resolution by the next episode and wrap up the mystery of Cordelia’s supposed sins, but I also wouldn’t mind if the pacing of the show kept the arc going for an additional episode.

Oh, and Victorique had quite a bit of hilariously cute moments this week. Firstly, I always get a kick out of her ‘fountain of sagacity’. You know when she’s got it all covered like Keima is to his gal games when Victorique gets visions of mystic snowflakes that prompt her to whip out a pipe she never smokes and put it in her mouth as if she were a female version of Sherlock Holmes.

Isn’t that the point of this show, anyway?

Second adorable Victorique moment: a warm welcome for a warm bath, followed by the hideous squealing of her bath singing voice. If I were Kujo guarding the door with a mop, I’d freak out too.

Third adorable Victorique moment: getting emotional after having the local fortune teller reveal that she will never grow much taller beyond her 4’7″ frame. All the while, Kujo gets emotional because the fortune teller reveals that their hearts will never be separated but at one point, their physical locations will be. If only Kujo learned from the Loriens about finding their one and only love and making it last forever, he wouldn’t have had his heartstrings tugged in the wrong direction so easily.

Wow, turns out Mildred wasn’t a real nun! Shocking (sarcasm). What’s actually more shocking is that she managed to beat Kaoru Tanamachi’s “sex hair” internet meme and tie with Atsuko Jackon’s stylish ‘fro. Shocking to the negative third power is that I’m still wondering what the heck happened to the stolen plate from her market kiosk in the prior episode. I’m sure I should just forget about it at this point.

Lord of the Flies-style murders. The nosy/noisy tourists had it coming. First to go was Alan at the festival burning reenactment, followed by the man in the screenshot above (whose name I can’t recall) after being mistaken for a lone wolf in the forest. I’m sure we’ll see a third one bite the dust before we get a solid conclusion.

It looks like we’ll be witnessing a heated battle next week between the crazy maid and Kujo as he defends Victorique at what looks to be the entrance to the village, as well as a fitting resolution to Victorique’s troubled past. Judging by the old man’s laugh, I’m betting Cordelia’s accusations of sin will be cleared, but I wouldn’t count on it until Victorique’s awesome fountain of sagacity reveals the true scenario of what happened in the study nearly a decade ago.


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