Gosick 08: Threads of Fate

So, most of the predictions from my previous post were correct about the direction of the show this week. The fiery battle at the entrance to the village took place, Cordelia’s past was (correctly) explained in detail by Victorique, and we learned the truth behind the mysterious deaths of the visitors traveling with the main characters. A lot was cleared up, but just as one bridge quite literally burned down, another was raised in the form of two mysterious figures standing on the outskirts of the village.

If it isn’t obvious by now who that could be, then I don’t know what to believe anymore. The fact that we’re stricken with the very possible revelation that Cordelia may be alive at this point in the story helps to add more excitement in the episodes to come, as well as raises more questions in what happened to her over the past ten years. Personally, I think it’s just exciting to think up the contrasting personality of Victorique’s mother, given that we’ve already been exposed to so much of her life twenty years prior, and the fact that Victorique herself is quite the smooth intellectual. She must have gotten it from somewhere.

I immediately thought of Final Fantasy XIII when I saw this landscape and wondered what Sauville/Seyrun would look like 500 years from then. Would the village still be thriving, or would it be abandoned in favor of mainland life? Will Kujo be to Victorique as Fang was to Vanille? Will we even be seeing those two in XIII-2 other than in crystallized form?

Brian Roscoe is apparently the unnamed magician in the marketplace from a few episodes ago, and is also credited for bringing electricity to Sauville as well as getting Ambrose’s hope and dreams up about the outside world. So, the plate really did have a significance!

Yes, three episodes later and I’m still obsessing over a porcelain plate. Even then, the plate was actually used as an example of how much of an effective distraction white pigeons and gold coins can be when plotting A) a clever theft, and/or B) a blatant murder. It’s safe to say that option B is what led to Herminia’s extreme paranoia and eventual fate. Poor Ambrose. At least he now knows that there’s plenty of fish in the sea beyond the dark and dank moat around his home.

So fishy fake-nun woman was actually following Kujo and Victorique around for Grevil’s sake. She must excel at multitasking to be able to watch after the kids, get hammered, and still manage to keep in contact with Grevil. I wonder if she’ll have any involvement in future episodes; given the storytelling format of the show up to this point, however, I wouldn’t count on it.

Highlight of this week besides the usual cute Victorique moments? Harminia going nuts after seeing what she believes to be the spirit of Elder Theodore and admitting to the crime when in fact it’s just…

…Kujo being himself. LOL. I’m only disappointed that Harminia didn’t finally gouge her eyes out. I mean, she’s been so close to ripping just her eyelids out from paranoia that if it wasn’t obvious that she wasn’t the culprit since the group arrived at the village some episodes ago, then…well, again, I don’t know what to believe anymore.

So, Victorique actually asked the oracle the same question as Kujo and used her height question to cover up her embarrassment. Great minds think alike, and the two undoubtedly make a great pair. But it makes me think – if they weren’t supposed to separate at this point, then there’s bound to be a time in the near future that they will be. Ah, Katanagatari vibes are seeping through.

Hooray, back to normalcy! I kind of miss the library and the garden.


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