Puella Magi Madoka Magica 06: Oh, I Forgot To Tell You..

Takes one to know one, Kyubey.

We’re back where we left off from the previous episode: Homura going Neo on Sayaka to have a word with Kyoko’s true intentions, and Kyubey continuing to weave a perfect knit of LIES assumptions for Madoka about Homura’s own agenda. I guess we don’t need a devil and angel on opposite sides of Madoka’s shoulders since we have both of them in one entity that’s just as twisted. Oh, who am I kidding, I’m only assuming at this point.

Relative to Bemani equivalent grading, I’d rate Kyoko’s performance in the S-class category based on how she’s able to play this particular game with no handlebar grip, play it sideways, munch on Pocky, and carry on a perfectly fluid conversation with Homura standing behind her. If Kyoko participated in mine and my high school friends’ after-school DDR competition at our local bowling alley nearly eight years ago, she’d have owned the 12 year-old kid that won our prize money and bicycle. Or was it just a scooter?

Also, did anyone else notice the game Kyoko was playing was “Dog Drug Reinforcement”? Are those three girls in the screen animation supposed to be the ones administering the drugs? And why is there a random cat that pops up on the left side of the screen?! Oh, Shaft, you boggle my mind. At least the dance version of “Connect” was entertaining background music.

I likened Kyoko’s acknowledgement of Walpurgis Night to World of Warcraft quests I used to be so fond of back in 2007. You’d think the two of them could befriend Sayaka and Madoka within the two days of its arrival, take down this Walpurgis entity, and just roll for the loot. Power in numbers! Madoka wouldn’t even have to lift a finger and still gain experience points. But who would take on which roles? Let’s just say Kyoko could be a rogue, Homura a hunter, Sayaka a warrior, and Madoka..well, she would either have god mode on or mastered all classes and be able to switch to any one class at a time. Kyubey said so himself – girl’s got massive potential! Might as well make her able to become anything and everything at will.

I suppose doing something wrong to Sayaka at this point would mean something like the mahou shoujo equivalent of slapping your best friend in the face and telling her to get a grip on her situation. But what if someone as stubborn as Sayaka won’t realize what’s happening until it’s too late? Intense confusion and equal amounts of naivety seemed to have been flowing through her veins quite passionately ever since she made a contract to be a Puella Magi. I wonder how far will too far gone be for her.

Churro! I’m still loving all the snacks Kyoko eats every time she gets screen time, as well as how she uses them at pivotal points whenever she’s either proving a point or keeping a conversation in front of a giant dance arcade game going.

“Nothing good happens if you use it for someone else!” Well said. I’m a firm believer in understanding that one can’t help others before helping oneself, and Kyoko uses that notion to get Sayaka to realize that the results of making wishes for the sake of others usually winds up disastrous. Of course, she doesn’t actually reveal that yet and decides to let her audience decide yet again for their own selves. Brilliant! Or maybe it’s just Kyoko’s way of savoring her food before she has to finish it all, and then later explain herself.

Okay, there are three things that caught my eye in this snapshot:

1. Kyubey always has a convenient window sill or level to stand on to inform Puella Magi of an important situation. Madoka, where are your blinds?!

2. That’s an impressively bright white compact fluorescent lamp with no light cover. Wouldn’t that fatigue Madoka for not having a cover there to block the direct light from the lamp?

3. It’s a TRON virtual desk keyboard connected wirelessly to an upright iPad mount! Even though she refuses to become a Puella Magi, at least Madoka keeps up with the technology.

The biggest reveal of the episode: Soul Gems are where a Puella Magi’s soul resides, and their body is a mere shell for the fighting. Well now, if things hadn’t hit the fan quite yet, then I think it’s about time we toss Kyubey into one for keeping that interesting fact from the girls. Seriously. Evil.

By the way, was I the only one who laughed when Madoka tossed Sayaka’s Soul Gem over the ledge? See, it’s bad to throw your friends away, especially their SOULS.



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