Gosick 09: Real Life Mannequins

I suppose for a show that has such a name for a title, it’s only fitting for someone to actually get sick at some point. Victorique gets to be on the receiving end of it and sits most of the episode out, leaving Kujo to stumble upon the mysteries of the blue rose diamond without her.

It’s great to see Avril again. I’m sure if she really knew who Victorique was, the two of them would get along very well.. at least in terms of books and folklore. Their personalities are actually polar opposites, given how Victorique is usually brash and straightforward whereas Avril comes across as quaint and playful. I’m vying for a point in time where the three of them get to solve a mystery together!

I’d have sworn she was miscast as girl-mannequin #1 because she looks almost exactly like Taiga from Toradora. I guess being trapped in a box turns you into that. I wouldn’t blame her.

Because of Kujo’s eavesdropping habit, he can’t stop himself from trying to figure out what this girl has to do with the disappearances of the other young girls in Saubreme and their association to the blue rose diamond.

To top things off, Grevil is forced by the police department Superintendent to solve this case on his own. I doubt he’ll ever solve one without the help of Victorique and her fountain of sagacity in some form or another, and his anxiousness to have Kujo follow him solidifies that.

Looks like we won’t get a proper wrap-up until next week or the week after. This is the last we see of these two folks until next week, and we’re still left wondering just why the hiding girl is so important that these two have to keep her existence a secret.

Kujo assumes the woman that aggressively approaches him is the ‘kidnapping devil worshipper’ before being tipped off by a boy who saves him from her. The boy claims that the room he was in was redecorated by interior designers soon after he left to summon the police. Definitely something fishy. But again, we won’t know full details until next week.

If it wasn’t for Victorique’s illness and Kujo’s helplessness, the case probably would have advanced further than it did. Kujo either gets kidnapped at the end or voluntarily hitches a ride with a carriage to make haste to an answer.

Which leads us to next week’s preview! Kujo finds out who’s in the carriage, Grevil sinks his shoes deeper into the case, and Victorique is still…well, bedridden. And what does the mysterious red-haired magician have to do with all of this?

Who cares! As long as we get more cute Victorique moments, right?!

And more random character history revealings. Hooray for foreshadowing, even though we sort of already knew that she was locked up in the past. Poor Victorique.

Did anyone else get the urge to want to tie Victorique’s little house up with a bunch of balloons? I think I’ve been influenced by UP a little too much.


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