Kimi ni Todoke 09: Behind (Partially)closed Doors

After two seasons and 34 episodes, it’s here! It looks like all of those inner Sawako monologues finally paid off as she breaks her silence about her true feelings to Kazehaya. And somewhere in the world, another romance/slice-of-life fanboy falls off his chair in excitement. We’re actually getting progress!!

Kimi ni Todoke has always had a sluggish pace so it comes as no surprise that it took Kazehaya and Sawako this long to finally face each other, but I still can’t help but jump for joy for the two. It hasn’t been since Toradora that I’ve been so fervent about cheering on a main couple. Sure, Otome Youkai Zakuro had its moments, Bakemonogatari’s Hitagi and Araragi made a great pair, but I’ve been watching Kazehaya’s and Sawako’s friendship grow for a little more than a year now that it’s as if they were one of my own friends I’ve been hoping would finally grow closer together. I’m glad it finally happened.

I remember back in high school how it was nearly impossible to find a classroom that was unlocked. Are empty, unlocked classrooms basked in the afternoon sunset only good for after-school love confessions and dramatic confrontations? It’s a shame Joe interrupted the moment.

Also, the absence of music during that scene before Joe’s entrance was a nice touch. I really felt the positive romantic tension in the air between Kazehaya and Sawako, and Sawako’s reluctance to look directly at him was utterly cute.

Kudos to Pin for causing yet another misunderstanding. His own reaction afterward about her ‘hidden desires’ was classic.

To save face, he actually says something appropriate this time and tells Sawako that those with a heart are normal to have hidden desires. Unfortunately, this makes Pin believe that he’s on a roll with advice and decides to reign on the boys’ festival prep meetup with dramatically less impact on Kazehaya. Nice try, Pin.

Ah, gotta love second chances and the excitement of newly blossomed love itself – or in this case, not so new. Hopefully Joe AND Pin don’t ruin the moment next time, and Sawako and Kazehaya will have something better to do and say some more heartfelt things between the two of them than just stare at each other while blushing. Then again, sometimes true love can realistically take that slow to fully grow; after all, the adventure is the most important part, right?


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