Yumekui Merry 10: Trust

Trust issues, day-long painting sessions, and lots of side-character exposition. Apparently, it was necessary to understand their back-stories in order for the drama to be laid down as heavily as ever, but at least J.C. Staff did a nice job in showing us how unique this anime-original ending might wind up being. Fingers crossed for a smooth finale roughly a month from now.

I actually lost a good amount of sleep watching this episode in between getting my laundry done and transferring this episode of Yumekui onto my iPhone instead of during the drive out to Vegas the following day. Still, it was somewhat worth staying up for. We get further glimpses into Isana’s passion for painting, Yumeji’s passion for taking advantage of his surrogate father’s male wisdom to keep Isana at bay during crucially emotional moments, and Merry’s passion for acting chipper and brilliantly naive.

Kudos to Isana’s father for stalling time for Yumeji to get his act together. Yes Yumeji, we understand how much you care for the girl, but you gotta be patient!!

I would not want her serving my cup of tea; much less any hot solid/liquid food for that matter. She’d be a terrible waitress.

And apparently, Merry either has no right brain, or it seems to never be used.

“The more things I let into my heart, the more I end up losing.”

Aw, Chizuru was an adorable kiddo. It’s a shame that the family was broken by debt, though.

The intense drama in her life seemed to be a good queue for the writers to reveal what Lestion’s mission as a dream demon was truly for – revenge on Mistelteinn, who now happens to have taken over the guidance counselor’s body. So now that marks two dream demons who seem to merely partner with their real-life vessels for the sake of some ‘greater’ good.

And you know what that means; more Engi, my favorite dream demon!! Sorry Merry, you’re just not cool enough for me.

I also like the HUGE personality differences shown whenever Engi takes over Yui’s body to communicate with (mainly) Yumeji in the real world. It just shows how complimentary the two characters are. Engi tends to be straightforward and frank, whereas Yui usually plays the neutral card. Fantastic chemistry.

And since I seem to be on a roll with these up-close character snapshots, I might as well include Takateru’s sister’s adorable smile. It was rather thoughtful of Takateru to use haiku as a means of spreading happiness to others, especially to his own family. It’s not surprising that Saki is starting to fall for a guy like him because of traits like that. Happiness and love is all you need!

Mad FLCL vibes here. This Pharos Hercules guy seems to be pretty tough and can vaporize other dream demons with the scrunch of his evil grin. It’s going to be interesting to see how he and the rather annoying-by-now Landsbourough will face Engi and Merry. At least I hope it’s going to be Engi that will coast through the anime ending with Merry.

So we’re left with more, rather subtle cliffhangers about Chizuru’s alliance, as well as when Mistelteinn will get more screen time to really mess things up for our protagonists. I’ve personally been loving Mistelteinn as a villain and would probably have her as the main antagonist by choice; she’s so sinister! She reminds me a lot of Anemone from Eureka Seven, and both were pretty far gone mentally. Who knows, maybe she’s not as evil as we’re making her out to be? Then again, at least two ‘normal’ dream demons are out for sweet revenge on her. Since she’s an anime-only character, at least we’ll hopefully be able to see some originality of her fate by the end of the season. Whatever it’ll be, it better be as epic as that aquatic painting that took Isana an entire day to create.


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