Preview: Anime Conji (Saturday)

First off, big thanks to Allison for telling me about Anime Conji; I’d have never known an anime convention in March even existed if not for her.

Anime Conji will be held this weekend at the Town & Country Hotel and Resort in San Diego, CA. I’ve decided to attend only on Saturday for the time being, so I pulled the event grid from the convention site just a few minutes ago and mapped out the places I’ll be checking out. Judging by what caught my eye, it’s looking like I’ll be seeing a total of nine different panels, performances, and events throughout the course of the day – plenty to keep myself occupied from morning to evening. Here’s the list:

– Photography Session
– Cosplay Gathering – Vocaloid (contemplating on attending this one)
– Secret Samurai
– Everything Shojo (yes, I’m curious)
– Articulated Figures
– Traci Hines
– Promoting Japanese Culture in America
– Masquerade
– Dragonball Evolution Roast

Articulated Figures and Promoting Japanese Culture in America are two of the nine segments that I’m most curious about, simply because my hobby for figure collecting has increased lately, and I’ve at least been promoting the otaku-side of Japanese culture via jrafanan 2.0. I’m curious to get some insight on some of the folks that are seasoned writers and collectors and have been doing this for years while managing other activities (::cough::dannychoo::cough). I suppose I can even ask him in July since he’ll be a Guest of Honor for Anime Expo later this year!

In the midst of Anime Conji, this leaves me with a backlog of episodes to write about when I get back, especially now that some of the shows I’ve been following have resumed their weekly airing in Japan. Watch out for updates on my thoughts about the latest happenings of Yumekui Merry, IS: Infinite Stratos, Kimi ni Todoke, and Kore wa Zombie. I’m still eagerly awaiting the latest Puella Magi Madoka Magica like everyone else, which has been delayed to what could possibly be the beginning of April at this rate. Now if only I could make time stop like Homura and finish all of this before Sunday..


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