Yumekui Merry 11: Pallette of Dreams

So, Mr. myseterious sensei just lets his students’ dreams manifest to their highest level before Mistletine reaps the harvest and destroys them. I’m sure if he kept it up so avidly, his job as a high school teacher would start to diminish drastically. Someone’s bound to find out just how much of a creep he is.

I still wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to take advantage of his tab at a yakitori shop, though.

Woah, not even two minutes into the episode and we’re already shown Ijima-sensei about to get down and dirty with his own dream demon?! Raunchy.

Actually, as I mentioned earlier, we find out that these two actually work well together as antagonists for this story. I remember sitting through this episode and hoping Engi or Merry would finally put Mistletine in her place and ‘send her back’ to the dream world, but ending the series at this point would be too convenient.

So instead, let’s just build up the audience with a bunch of teasing, bullying, leg-crushing, and dream demon black mage bondage until Mistletine gets bored and calls the whole dream ambush off! I was seriously disappointed when this happened towards the end because that just means this episode didn’t have to exist for the series to make much sense. The only thing it made me do is dislike Mistletine and Ijima-sensei more.

Oh wait, I did hear somewhere that eliciting anger from the audience is what makes these shows work… riiight.

Aside from my obvious gripes from this episode, I did manage to enjoy the buildup of Isana’s importance to the main cast. Her dream to paint in earlier episodes seemed a little flaky and forced upon, but seeing her in action here in the art room really sparks my creative attention, I guess. I’m really glad that Yumeji and Merry really care for her, so seeing her on the verge of becoming a zombified, dreamless adolescent had me relatively close to the edge of my seat.

I also thought that all of the small touches to Isana’s hobby were very nostalgic and tasteful – the art room, the palettes of color as she swiped her brush across a few of them, the directional wind rooster thing, the pastel-colored environmental backdrops; all of these struck me as subtle Honey & Clover homages. It’s also quite fitting that J.C. Staff, the studio that began animating Honey & Clover in 2005 and its sequel the following year, is the same studio responsible for this series. I wonder if some of the same staff from then are still around.

Meet Pallette, Isana’s dream demon. Apparenly, all he wanted was a glimpse of the real world and not the actual trip into it. Very fitting dream demon for Isana’s personality.

And somewhere in the world, I hear the screams of Square-Enix suits and Final Fantasy fans crying bloody murder for copyright infringement. Pallette reminded me more of Vivi from FFIX than just a regular black mage.

Hatless Merry spotted once again! Although it’s too bad she got completely handled by Mistletine, it was great to see such gritty moves exchanged between the two. No mercy is the best policy…until you get bored and make an entire episode pointless by not sticking to the plan and stalling to off Pallette. Gah!

It was unbelievable how Kawanami just stood there as if the right moment to make an appearance was not in the 24-minute span of time of this episode. Maybe if she had Ento Jyu, she’d had resolved the story already.

And was it just me, or was it too easy for Kawanami to walk right past Mistletine minutes later with that gun of hers and NOT pull the trigger, or to even have Mistlestine just watch her idly as Kawanami passed her? Oddly convenient, really.

“She says the other night, a giant bird flew at her in an open field.”

Takateru describing to Yumeji what Isana interpreted as Engi whacking her across the head to knock her unconscious in Engi’s dream world in order to draw out Pallette was hilarious.

And yes, did you catch what I just wrote?

Isana delightfully telling Merry off about eating too many donuts was the other fun part. If this were a harem show and Isana was instead a male character, s/he’d have gotten brutally slapped/kicked/punched by now.

It looks like next episode will have the final bout in Engi’s dream world, which is actually pleasing to me considering how I alluded back in episode 5 to how awesome I thought Engi is as a character; it would only be fitting for some more of the major battles to take place there. The patch of wheat falling slowly the ground was also interesting symbolism for how next week might turn out. Maybe half of the episode won’t go to waste for unnecessary angst and empty buildup for what wound up being a fantastic, action packed (but still illogically ended) second half this episode.


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