Kore wa Zombie desu ka? Episode 10: Ticking Time Bomb

Yuki / Mael / Tomonori; I don’t even know what to call her. Let’s just stick with Yuki. It was great seeing her again this episode along with the rest of the conservative ninjas trying to hunt down Yoruno. Even more amusing was when Haruna and Yuki were fighting over whose head the time bomb should explode on. Kind of looks like Bowser’s old wind-up vessel in Super Mario World!

Does it really get that much more gloomy whenever Eu’s not around? Then again, the show wouldn’t have existed if not for her character. We got to see a lot of moping Ayumu this time around.

You know what’s also missing from this picture? That really awesome Dyson blade-less fan. This show has nearly convinced me to invest in one as soon as the days get warmer here in Southern California. The only thing it’s missing is an air purification system within the fan instead of just accelerating dust and airborne germs and bacteria into my air passageways. That’s why I rarely ever use a fan anymore.

At least Haruna’s still as lively as ever.

And Sera is just as crude with her words as ever.

Just what is it this season with all of the cross referencing between shows? First, Kyousuke plays the violin on a hospital rooftop after a miraculously magical (pun intended) physical recovery, and now Sera plays the violin after Haruna mistakenly orders it after mixing up her request for Antonio Spaghetti with an Antonio Stradivarius-crafted classical instrument? It’s as if the producers of each show this season sat in a conference room and bounced ideas off each other to see which concepts would stick and they all eventually agreed to interchange what works into each show. Classical masterpieces, art, dreams, magic – they’re all used in the same way across five different shows at the least!

Then again, I’m choosing to blog about certain shows, so the similarities might not be so coincidental after all. Heh.

Ayumu’s fellow zombie/rival really knows how to sport the side tail. And here I was thinking that only females can properly adopt it. But where Ayumu has the advantage of being a zombie AND a magiclad girl, all Yoruno can do is spew out darkness. It’s like a corrupted form of Lifestream, or Eriko’s ridiculous butterfly staff. Not to tread too deeply into Dragon Crisis, but will Eriko ever be useful beyond spooking her opponents and subduing them with a swarm of fake red butterflies?

Sarasvati, Sera’s senior? Win! And they all wear the same uniform as well. Twilight, eat your heart out.

Wait, was I seeing this correctly? Wasn’t Yoruno completely owning both Sera and Ayumu the night before, and now they’re sitting down and having dinner together?! I know I’m not supposed to take this show too seriously, especially when Haruna was running down a casual town street while nonchalantly holding her pink chainsaw just minutes prior, but was food a really efficient way to get these characters to talk again? This isn’t Hidamari Sketch, you know.

Ah yes, one of the more beautiful scenes this episode. The violin piece that played as Eu got whisked away by Yaruno once again was well done. Even if Ayumu’s heartbreak was only shown for a few seconds, it left a rather lasting impression on me. He was so close to reaching out to her, too.

Lens flare! Oh, Ayumu, your efforts will not be in vain. She’ll come back to you soon. Just hurry up and gather your bits and pieces again so that you can go after her for another two episodes.

Sarasvati gets shafted in the next episode preview. If there’s one thing I can always take away from each episode, it’s the humor. The drama and action might be a bit misplaced from time to time, but there’s always some fun to be had, and I can completely appreciate that.


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