Kimi ni Todoke S2 10: Leaps and Bounds

Sawako finally fulfills her destiny as Sadako from Ringu! About bloody time. We only waited three seasons’ worth of episodes (three if you break up the first run into two 13-episode batches). Too bad Pin’s stupidity caused their class to disqualify for bribing the judges with delicious carbonated beverages. Someone needs to fire him 26 episodes ago.

Leave it to Chizuru and Ryu to be the ones snoozing during their respective group’s all-nighter sessions. Back when I pulled all-night study sessions and overnight culture play prep with my friends in college a few years ago, I was also usually the first to knock out. I was also probably one of the few that took full advantage of those naps. Ah, gotta miss those days. And how do these kids not have bags under their eyes the next day?

Oh wait, I forgot that they’re still in high school. Apparently lack of sleep is a non-issue when you’re still in grade school.

It’s crazy to see how far along the friendship between Chizuru/Ayane and Sawako has come since they first met. They manage to play the perfect matchmakers for her and still take advantage of Sawako’s naivety. They even fend off anyone who tries to get in between Sawako and Shota from time to time. I swear, this series’ supporting cast is by far some of the strongest I’ve seen in a while. Remember those moments between Chizuru and Ryu? It’d be a crime for those two not to get their own spinoff series.

How fitting for Chizuru dressed up as a snake to be checking if Sawako’s actually gliding along the surface of the school floor as if she was the ghost of Gumby. It reminded me of Saten suddenly and humorously lifting Uiharu’s skirt in To Aru Kagaku no Railgun to (a) check to see what she was wearing for the day in front of the general public, and (2) to snap Uiharu out of her bourgeois personality switch as she became infatuated with the idea of attending Tokiwadai Middle School alongside Mikoto and Kuroko.

Shota and Ryu really stole the moment for this episode when they both stopped Joe from interrupting Shota’s conversation with Sawako. So many times has Joe come between the two that I was elated by the time Ryu and company pulled Joe away to the far end of the sidelines. Ryu’s expression alone spoke volumes of hilarity.

It’s a Sadako mosh pit! Further justifies her slow but steady growth as one of the two main characters of the show to have that many people now be so comfortable with having her as a friend. Though for some reason, I can see this same scenario working with Mio’s own fan club tossing her in the air – only Mio would be wearing a maid outfit and everyone would be chanting “moe moe…kyun!” instead.

For the kind of pacing this show goes at, I’m actually glad I’ve gotten used to it. All of the little details like the growing trust between the side characters to protect the blossoming friendship/relationship between the main characters, and the sometimes painfully dragged out cliffhangers, make moments like the ones in this episode so much more enjoyable. The fact that we’re not even done with this series yet just begs me to wonder how much more material will be covered before coming to an efficient conclusion. Can we at least hope for a kiss at some point?

In retrospect, the relationship between these two is still very fresh and new, but the show’s done an excellent job in perceiving their small achievements as leaps and bounds over their initial encounters with one another. It’s going to be odd when the season ends and we’ve no more Sawako and Shota to gawk at.


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