Kore wa Zombie desu ka? 11: Wordplay

You see that? Remember not hearing her actual voice for the past eleven or so weeks? That’s right, those lips are MOVING. The show totally defied its own conventions and decided it was time for Eu to speak. I guess she can stop hurting the environment now and save that notepad paper for something more useful.

Poor Haruna. She’s probably one of the better tsundere-type characters out there right now, but it was pretty heart wrenching to see her slowly accept that she isn’t the one in Ayumu’s heart. Just trying to knock some sense into him through this dream state was honorable, though.

Leave it to Dai-sensei to still act like a bold teacher in light of Haruna’s grief and still coach her on proper Magiclad techniques. She’s like the Orimura-sensei of this world, except more polite, forgiving, and extremely overpowered.

I thought the entire dream sequence that Ayumu was trapped in was done well. Lots of emotions were shown from Haruna as Ayumu went Shinji on his personality by disbelieving in himself before Haruna showed up to literally beat his self-doubt out of him.

We’ve seen Eu worried in the past, but never in such a small time frame have we seen her almost completely break down emotionally. I mean, to see your own close friends fighting each other has to be painful, especially when the power of your own words causes death itself.

It was also very gar for Ayumu to stick up for Eu this time around and not let anyone get in the way, unlike his moping-about these past few episodes. Award goes to Eu for folding paper planes from the notes she takes. Couldn’t she at least, at some point, start using a smartphone like Celty?

So the Mistleteinn kick comes back, and Yoruno was on the receiving end this time around. I liked his utter disbelief in how illogical that move was. Looks like pure black smoke and evil side tail just aren’t enough for a magical girl duo like Ayumu and Haruna.

I’ve hinted in previous posts that it’s been really disturbing to see Ayumu’s Magiclad transformation. This week, Haruna finally steps up to the plate and manages to get her powers back to transform alongside Ayumu. About time!! Still rather embarrassing for two straight individuals to be acknowledging each other’s cuteness though. I’m just waiting to facepalm for Ayumu Magiclad cosplayers to sprout up at the next anime convention I attend.

More Sarasvati screen time! I’m sorry Sera, but you’re just not good enough. Sure, your best points usually surround condemning Ayumu, but you’re too much of a lone wolf for me to care about. No, I don’t care that your voice is the same as Mio’s AND that you’re wearing a maid uniform. Not only does Sarasvati have a stronger personality, but she knows how to take care of her comrades.

Meido orchestra? Can we please get AX Maid Cafe to watch this episode and take good notes from it? I think I’m expecting too much out of July already.

Now THAT was random. Does the perfect image of overseas/world trips always focus on the islander look before anything else? I guess it’s human nature to think that one’s vacation usually resorts to white, sandy beaches, palm tree shade, and clear blue water, but I honestly was hoping for something else. Maaaybe South Pole Haruna, or outback Haruna. Tropical Haruna just looks like she went on a cruise line for a three-hour tour but somehow did not gain any weight despite being fed some fancy all-inclusive meals.

These past few days have all of us here in Southern California thinking that summer is upon is when it just barely reached Spring. Now those Dyson fans are even more tempting to invest in. I’m sure I can trust Eu’s judgement.

All of the pent-up frustrations behind the King of the Night’s plight finally collapsed this episode, and with it all of the standards that this show proudly toted since it first aired. Eu can speak, but her friends don’t bleed out of their ears or disappear into startdust; Haruna can suddenly transform; Sarasvati and her fellow vampire ninjas help Sera out despite condemning her for betraying them. All in all, ending the show here would have been satisfactory for me as everything except for Ayumu’s friend’s disappearance in the initial episodes wrapped up rather conveniently. Seriously, what the heck happened to her after the black smoke took her away? Did she get teleported to the set of LOST and actually get lost and never return?

I’ll save my conclusions about this series for the next episode, which seems to be on the verge of release as I write this. This has definitely been one of the most random shows I’ve ever seen so far, so hopefully the last episode will wrap everything else up on the same random note.


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