Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai 13: Boldly Go

Fujoshi fantasies are most frightening, indeed. Sena’s own fantasy about Makabe and the club president going out (and subsequent ‘club activities’…ugh..) was a hilarious breaking point to her facade about only being interested in programming. I’m not sure how the rest of the club will keep up with her now that the cat’s out of the bag.

I had to stop myself from thinking that Anime Conji’s Shojo Panel would have been terrifying if fujoshi undertones started to seep through the contexts of the panel discussion because, really, it only would have been ironic. At this point, I’d actually encourage it. Bring on the Senas of the world.

Sinister! Well, sinister as in awesomely sinister. I didn’t think Kuron- I mean, Ruri could be so manipulative. If I’d been brainwashed by the comfort of her rather friendly debates with Kirino, then this take on her post-Kirino personality certainly shocked me… and for the better. She’s like a miniature Haruka-senpai who’s just as cunning and sly. Kyousuke might as well bring out the dog leash for his neck in advance even if Ruri isn’t ready begin walking him yet.

“I’ve already given up”

For a Kuroneko-centric episode (and arc), I actually felt the tension more so between her and Kyousuke than I did with the dichotomy of the Kousaka siblings. Since Kirino isn’t around for Kyousuke to take care of, Kuroneko easily ran with the idea that she’s just a bench warmer until Kirino returns. I see how that could easily be taken as the wrong way, but twelve prior episodes of Kyousuke being Kyousuke to everyone should have caught on to Kuroneko by now. Or maybe she’s just testing him to make sure his intent to help her is genuine. Aw, socially deprived much?

Well, he already saved face back when he was in the room with Kuroneko and Saori, but his consistent beliefs are what pushed Kuroneko over the edge of cloud nine. And you know what? Nothing but clear skies and falling cherry blossom petals here! It was a good way to end the episode and set a tone for the next airing.

As a testament to the ever-changing intro, I thought it was a nice touch to show Kirino’s now rather empty room. Way to hit home to the fact that she’s in America running track.

I almost thought Saori was going to turn those few minutes into a home improvement show. Yes, I thought it was a drill. A power drill. You know, for drilling holes into walls or twisting screws. Then I realized that Black & Decker doesn’t make drills that have fists coming out of the battery compartment. This is what I get for jumping to conclusions based on a frame of animation I’ve seen for only 0.012 seconds.

Saori’s disappointment for Kirino not properly saying goodbye to them was rather heartfelt of her. I mean, the girl was introduced to forums and fanfiction, so why doesn’t Kirino have some sort of Twitter or LiveJournal to use while she’s in the States?

Aww, verbally abusive Kuroneko is just being bitter because she misses her hothead (in personality and hair color) friend. And did anyone else think that Makabe looks like a high school male version of Kyousuke’s mom? Weird.

“I’d rather be with you than go out with my classmates!”

Funny how Saori’s the one to make the snide remarks, yet Kyousuke’s the one to get facepillowed. I love the dynamics of this duo already! Kyousuke turned blatant masochist (if he isn’t already) because of Kuroneko is bound to happen, and as awkward as it seems, it’d actually be fitting for the two of them.

Anyway, I haven’t read the light novels, so I’m glad I’ve no existing expectations for the next airing. If it’s any indication that Kuroneko finally let her guard down, then I’m sure we’ll have more heartfelt moments between them, more potential back story on Kuroneko beyond caring for her sisters, and more of Saori egging the two on to just call it official already. Either way, that doesn’t stop me wondering just how Kirino would take all of this in when she returns.


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