Infinite Stratos 10: Akatsubaki

Goodness, Charlotte, don’t do it! Ichika should have at least warned and stopped her before this happened. I, on the other hand, would have just let it happen like it did here. The reaction afterwards from anyone who’s oblivious to the effects of wasabi is always priceless.

Playa playin’ the game! Ichika, as long as you continue to be naive, any girl will fall for you because of your sincere will to help others. Take it from Kyousuke: if he can net an imouto and a goth loli, you wouldn’t have the slightest problem with a childhood friend and four other foreigners. And that doesn’t even include Ran, Maya, and Chifuyu, two of the latter of which are probably highly questionable but still attainable in the world of the anime.

I hope I’m not the only one who noticed the case of Hanafuda cards next to the green DX box. It was such a great plot device to get the audience worked up in Summer Wars, and a great cultural game that tied the family together.

I also wonder if I’m the only one who thought of Honey & Clover when noticing the box of Twisted. Poor Takemoto and Shinobu, especially Takemoto for none of his close friends knowing it was his birthday the moment Shinabo decided to jerry-rig a game of Twister using ten different pastel color patterns. Just because you go to attend an art university doesn’t mean you need to make a game complicated by throwing in technical colors. PASSION BLUEEEE.

This entire episode could be filled with each girl’s internal misunderstandings about this promiscuous situation between the Orimura siblings and it would still go over the 24-minute mark by a lot. I wouldn’t mind an hour-long special if it was meant to bring more nonsensical hilarity to the show and still entertain me.

Yeah, leave it to Ms. Straightforward to give away your position. Never trust her in covert operations because she’ll just rush to the point and try and finish the mission on her own. Yup, can’t trust that Old Snake eye patch of hers.

Gals should have known that Orimura-sensei would keep Ichika’s heart on lock and key until the right woman appeared for him. To her, the girls are meer children and don’t deserve him yet. I loved everyone’s reaction to that.

Also, from a photographer’s standpoint, this angle was a relatively good way to capture their emotions. We need more creativity like this in shows!

Speaking of photography, this scene was pretty funny. Nothing like having your own friend facepalm you after them not seeing you for years.

Minority Report meets Avatar meets the Matrix. Someone get her a plug so she can destroy all the agents! But seriously, can’t you develop carpel tunnel from bending your wrists like that and typing at 105 words per minute? If she’s typing so fast, she might as well invent some gadget on the fly that allows her to process what she’s thinking into that programming tool she’s using.

After ten long episodes, Houki finally obtains a personal IS…but not without the cost of her pride. It helps to have the creator of the IS program and machines be your older sister, though.

And what better way to test your own sister’s piloting and combat abilities than to fire Macross-grade missiles at her. I loved this part so much, I should probably have someone commission a drawing of Tabane in this exact pose with the missile launcher behind her. Better yet, let’s have a figure made of this scene. That would be so epic.

So the powers of the world couldn’t stop 2,341 missiles from reaching Japan. Blasted Y chromosomes. Men in this world, besides Ichika, are pretty much useless. Even the person that designed the IS system is female. I’m sure if we aligned the Strike Witches timeline with this one, then everything would make much more sense.. sans the difference in choice of pants (or lack thereof).

White Knight, huh? I guess if the white track suit and Tabane’s instigation wasn’t enough, I highly doubt anyone would have guessed that it was Chifuyu behind that mask. Though I feel like a lot of the second-half development could have been written more efficiently. Too much gritty Gospel talk for a series that does so much better when it’s having fun rather than conducting overly-serious missions.

Next up: encounter with the berserk Gospel! If I was an animator, I’d jokingly put in Eva 02 somewhere in the air when they’re fighting above the boat/ship just for the sake of parody and homage.


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