Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season 11: Acceptance

Ayane and Chizuru’s commentary on Kazehaya and Sawako were spot on. It’s as if they know all the tricks in the book when it comes to shojo romance. I can’t imagine any close group of friends not doing the same thing to their own perfect coupling. And when it works, boy is it beautiful. Almost as fluffy as all the effects Production I.G. threw into this scene. Lens flare? We’ve got it covered!!

Ahaha, that was NOT just a peak. That was a full-on “I’m checking out Kazehaya from toe to head”. Hilariously naive Sawako is adorable. And yes, she started looking at him from his feet and went up until she made eye contact with him.

Fluff overload in the first three minutes.

So if you line up just like these guys, you can also receive blessings. My goodness, they’ve reached god mode already. I’m also loving the one twintailed girl in the back with the single irritated symbol drawn on her head. Why is it only her?

“Saaaaadako Chyaaaann~~”

If it weren’t for Kento, a lot of misunderstandings wouldn’t have happened. But just as how he’s in this frame with Pin, having neither of them involved in Kazehaya and Sawako’s earlier mishaps wouldn’t have led the two this far.

Not at all, Pin. And this is what makes their pairing so dynamic. KnT could roll into a third season just from more misunderstandings, and the season’s content would still be as plentiful as ever. More jealousy? More rivals? Ryuu and Chiziru calling it official? Where do I sign the petition?

“Let me think about it”

As if simple misunderstandings weren’t enough, Pin had to go and get Sawako to fantasize about marriage, and Kazehaya to completely flip out because instead of fantasy, he thinks she’s seriously considering it. Oh geez, my head. Her running off afterward seemed a little out of character, but it made for a really funny scene.

Oh Chizu. You remind me of Joey from Friends, only there’s two of them if you count her and Ryu together.

Since we’re on the topic of misunderstandings (well, the entire series is basically just that), Chizuru gets busted for getting Kazehaya to misunderstand and think he was the most distant from her before the peak of this season’s drama between him and Sawako began to hit the fan. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ayane that upset, but I was at least hoping for some sort of Mio-chop to Chizuru’s head for that. I guess we’re talking about the wrong studio here. I wonder how much more moe this show could get if KyoAni had their hands on it.

“It’s real”

Someone once told me that she kept a bunch of post-it notes for things like self-affirmation, reminders, and assurances around the house so she wouldn’t forget what she needed to remember or work on. In a big sense, my memory of that conversation made this scene a bit more significant to me as Sawako immediately turned to each note after she got out of bed. It was a very thoughtful touch and yet another adorable trait of hers. Nowadays, I just have whiteboards and a bunch of digital post-it notes plastered across my desktop wallpaper.

So everyone who remotely knows of Sawako’s ‘black magic’ now suddenly goes running to her for advice on how they can start their own relationships. Ayane’s right – she needs to start charging for her services if it’s working out this well! Sadako’s Black Magic Coupling Service? Swiftly approved.

So to sum up an entire two season’s worth of Kimi ni Todoke, Chigusa writes out a visual cliff note of everything the show every crucial highlight about Sawako and Kazehaya. Seriously, just stare at her crudely designed drawings and you’ll understand the entire series without having to watch it all. Of course, the journey’s always more important than the end, right?

Still, “strawberry time”, “wanted all of”, “dream come true” – as picturesque as the journey was, I’m still blinded by what the heck “strawberry time” is to Sawako (at least according to the drawing).

But wait, there’s still unfinished business! We still don’t know what’s truly going on in Kurumi’s mind! I’m not sure if it was because of Aya Hirano’s transition out of the seiyuu world (whether temporarily or not), but I sure did miss her screen time.

And the musical transition into the ED song was well timed for this scene. It’s almost a bit saddening to know that there’s only one more episode of this slow yet deep (again, by shojo standards) series.


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