Yumekui Merry 12: Origins

Now that we’re getting closer to the end, Mistletine’s back story is explained in better detail through Chizuru’s Dream Demon, Lestion (Leon for short), and our batch of friends are more pumped than ever to stop Mistletine from taking away Isana’s dreams. Does this make way for a terribly overpowered and outmatched fight sequence, or does Mistletine finally get what she deserves?

So Mistletine was born from the depths of dream Hell (not surprised), which comprises of all the various negative emotions that humans carry with them to the Dream World. The only problem is the accumulation never stops since humans are able to wake from their dreams and leave that negativity behind. The solution? The show doesn’t really explain it, but I presume the loftiest of the Dream Demons would seem to agree with Mistletine that destroying the ability for humans to even dream would be a nice start. Unfortunately, Merry’s had a head start on this since the beginning, which is what our show’s heroes have been trying to reverse for some time now.

It was doubly unfortunate that Leon’s efforts with his comrades were all in vain, coupled with the fact that the only gun left to rid of Mistletine is devoid of bullets until a certain death quota of other Dream Demons accumulates into a single bullet ready to fire at her. No wonder Chizuru and Leon were considered cowards in the prior episode: they were just charging up! Now I don’t blame Chizuru for being super depressed since her one method to get back at Mistletine is to watch those around her fall first before she pulls the trigger.

It’s good to have been seeing the buildup of humanity in Chizuru and her strive to keep her new friends close to her. Does that make Leon that much more of a bad guy in the scope of things? And if pulling the trigger means the destruction of Leon, then what happens to her? I suppose a fitting way to keep Chizuru in the story without turning into a vegetable is to have Leon sever his ties as her Dream Demon so that when he passes, she retains her ability to dream. It might also be an excellent cop-out, but it seems like the logical way to me. The only thing against that theory is that the show hasn’t revealed anyone’s Dream Demons detaching from their vessels. Hmm.

Now that would be a nice cosplay idea: Chizuru hair, uniform, and one Leon contact in the left eye. I’d be ecstatic to see a set of cosplayers as the humans alongside their Dream Demon counterparts..with contacts in eyes.

I blame this all on my trip to Kinokuniya the other day and getting absorbed in the Cosplay in America book. The funny thing was that I remember snapping photos of at least ten or so individuals/groups printed in there. I love this subculture, but it’s so funny how a lot of it can easily be commercialized. I wonder what it takes to be that good a photographer while still managing to attend all the other convention events, panels, concerts, and dealer booths. I just don’t know how it’s done yet.

“Actually, this one time when I was 19…” ::cutoff::

Just as Merry predicted, Isana woke up in the morning from her slumber perfectly fine and only remembers having a strange dream just after realizing she was painting in the art room. But why did she cut off her dad after he was about to talk about his surely awesome teenage past? He just doesn’t get enough credit here. Or maybe what he was about to reveal would have shattered his tough image. Sometimes, I wish this series wasn’t only thirteen episodes. He deserves an episode just for himself.

Ijima-sensei’s look screamed extreme perversion. I’d blame him for scoring a 1 on the test (I just watched Nichijou episode 0 and girl scores a 1 on a test? How’s that possible?!). And Yumeji’s pent up frustration was entertaining; I was hoping he’d get up and start raging in the middle of the exam.

So full of passion about that barbeque much there, Yumeji? Also complete with tree shadow to add to the mood.

This would have been a perfect time for Isana’s dad to plant some laxatives in sensei’s cup so that his dream would be distorted, a la Inception. Drink too much wine and your dream sequence becomes sloshed with rain. Take laxatives and…actually, I don’t even want to think what kind of dream that would be.

The showdown starts up again in Engi’s world this time. Mistletine still shows she has the upper hand, even when she’s in unfamiliar locale. Let’s face it, you can’t beat the formidable combination of forseight, breakdancing, and Kirino-level arrogance.

Also, if this show were to ever make its way to into a live-action adaptation, this sequence would do no justice if it wasn’t to be filmed in Bullet Time. Dodging swords and loli kicks can be just as good as projectile weapons any day as long as it’s filmed correctly.

Wait, Yumeji, what are you trying to do? He seems to have forgotten that the only things he’s good at are reading humans’ auras and saying serious lines with his face tucked away in shadows. Well, we haven’t seen Merry go beserk since last time Yumeji was seriously hurt, so this could be the only way to bring that out of her again. Unleash the keys!

Overall, great buildup for the finale. Leon and Chizuru are still buying time to let their ammo manifest out of thin air, Yui’s on the ground in shock from Engi being mortally wounded, Merry got kicked in the gut and thrown across the field from the impact, and Mistletine’s face distorted as if she was trying to pull off her best impression of Soul from Soul Eater. I hope the happy days in the next episode preview are just a red herring for the resolution of their battle against Mistletine.


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