Passport Woes

How is it that five high school girls can obtain passports to travel the world so easily, whereas a post-college, full-time employee who’s never had a passport, never left the States, and was even born in the States gets the run around and is required to re-submit five other pieces of documentation for proof of identity?

Oh, that’s right, it’s just an anime.

Still, by simple common sense, what episode 27 of K-ON!! had going for itself was the fact that it’s even possible to obtain a passport, and the joys of being able to do so with great company. K-ON!! just put a lot of fluff into it. All the episode did was make me laugh at the irony of real life’s own blunders. It’s like they’re taunting me from the other side of that photo.

Maybe a few years from now, the State will start asking its citizens to begin writing theses of their lives to prove citizenship. Can I just write a bunch of haiku instead?


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