Nichijou 00: Thirty-twelve

When your best friend tells you she scored a thirty-twelve on the latest math test, you’d best believe her.

Bug eyed male student in the front of the class sure is creepy. And Mio’s ever-futile attempts to fish for Yuuko’s saving graces after the one-point test fail took a good six minutes for her to accomplish. At least I know who not to count on for high-risk negotiation tactics.

“You’re a breath of fresh air”

How does Mio manage to go from reminding Yuuko that she didn’t do her homework the night before the test to winning her over with a line like that? Remember, always think about the positive traits of your friends first; the more you can flatter, the faster you can help them forget about their woes (disclaimer: sympathy over empathy is not always the best policy; Yuuko’s apparently an ahou).

I think Kyoto Animation has a knack for simple, comedic 4-koma shows, which is why I enjoyed this pre-season episode a lot. I don’t mind that it takes ten minutes to show how Mio wins Yuuko back over from the depths of her blatant academic incompetence, or that we’re only introduced to two characters in the entire first half of the episode. It just works. KyoAni does simple slice of life so well that I could probably turn back to this series maybe four or five seasons out just because it’ll still feel fresh and humorous after that long.

Kid professor’s name is Hakase? So would you greet her as Hakase Hakase? I’m just waiting for her to show up in one of the girls’ classes one day to teach them about her silly inventions.

And my goodness, I remember wanting to use my sleeve like that to wipe my common cold-infected snot out of the way when I was in the beginning stages of elementary school.

I don’t ever remember hearing in my entire life of medicine that’s wrapped in dissolving, edible plastic wrap. But what was hilarious was how Hakase left it in her mouth too long and slowly started to taste the bad part of the medicine. D’awww.

Minoru Shiraishi voicing Sakamoto? Now that is genius. Wawawawasuremonoooo~

I remember my old roommate’s cat and how it grew up with us for the roughly two years we roomed together in college. Everything from flies to flashlight beams, couch cloths, and jingling bells were free reign for the cat to be completely enveloped in. I’d have expected no less from Sakamoto. Too bad he probably knows more about taking one’s own medicine better than either Hakase or Shinonome – he’s a cat for crying out loud.

Crunchy pudding hahahahaha. So the only way to get Hakase to take the medicine is to slip it in her food sprinkle it neatly on top of the pudding as if it was the season’s newest trend in dessert topping? You’ve gotta be kidding me. Then again, Hakase is a chid so you can get away with it as long as she’s hungry. No more mucus ghosts hanging from her nose!

I was so waiting for the train to stop abruptly in this situation. I’m also willing to bet that sitting on the luggage railing would net you the least physical damage, so Mai’s smart in that regard.

Loved the LED namedrop. As a matter of fact, I use LED to light my desk and I don’t have to worry about killing my electricity bill. What I would be curious of is how many amber diodes that bulb on Mio’s head has. I have amber LED tail lights with several diodes, and it still doesn’t anywhere near as bright as incandescent. I know, I know, it’s only an anime.

Basically, Nichijou, as its translation applies, is by no means innovative, groundbreaking, or as advanced as many other shows out there. It’s a bare bones slice of life that’s either highly entertaining if you dig its humor, or it’s a disaster of a show for being too simple and bland in its nature. I personally lean toward the former and will be eagerly adding it to my regular blog reel.


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