Yumekui Merry 13: Believe!!! (Final)

I believe(d) in you too, Merry.

I absolutely refuse this to be the end of the show. As enjoyable as the series has been, I still can’t fathom the idea of the story coming to an abrupt halt as I perceived it did. All of Yumeji’s muster of Parappa-level hopes and dreams still wasn’t enough to tie up loose ends, as well as explain many circumstances about the Dream World and the characters directly and indirectly involved with it. Going into detail about some of this week’s observations is going to give away lots of information if you haven’t seen this or read the manga yet so as usual, be warned.

Yumeji’s plight would have worked if he was Neo battling Smith. Seeing him get beaten around by Mistletine yet somehow staying on his feet and declaring his pride of never giving up had my jaw dropped for a good while. We just saw Mistletine completely own a squad of dream demons over the past two episodes, yet Yumeji continues to stand after all of those attacks? At least explain why he went from useless empty vessel to OVER NINE THOUSAND without breaking so much as a drop sweat.

I’ll leave it to your imagination as to what exactly Yui was trying to accomplish by playing charades at this point. She basically epitomized the useless character archetype this time around, which is only brought about when Engi is down for the count. If Yui has so much time to be standing vulnerably in an open field like that, then Mistletine just became more stupid in my eyes; apparently, she doesn’t know that holding your enemies hostage is a great way to actually win a battle.

After what seemed like reused fight scenes between Merry, Engi, and Mistletine but with the addition of louder, grander orchestral pieces, we now seem to understand that Merry can send dreams back to the Dream World using none other than the Pai Mei’s invaluable Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique. Am I disappointed? Yes. What happened to the keys she unleashed when she went berserk earlier in the series?!

Oh right, it’s called willpower. Ugh.

I’m sorry, Isana. All of your friends are flat-out liars.

So instead of Chizuru turning into a vegetable after using all of her hopes and dreams into firing her one bullet, she just gets a complete memory dump. Creeper-sensei disappears into thin air, much like Mistletine after getting handled by Engi’s last move. Isana also doesn’t become a vegetable after all. Merry is still freeloading in the real world. Where’s the resolution?!

I always wondered if the Dream Worlds these guys visit have the same time principles as the levels of dreams in Inception. If it took roughly 48 minutes in the Dream World to utterly ruin this arc, then it means they battled Mistletine for ten hours (assuming 5 minutes in reality is an hour in the dream). Holy crap.

Best “gotcha!” face in a long time. It’s like she knew this episode was going to be disastrously delivered.

Final impressions will be held off until I can get around to the other shows I’ve been following in the Winter season. Simply put, this episode alone did not do the entire show justice. It was full of plot holes (umm, where’s John Doe and Pharos), corny dialogue, and badly choreographed fight sequences. I mentioned before around episode 11 that the episode at that time probably could have been scrapped without too much of a consequence to the entire series. Well, this episode is another to add to that batch. In my opinion, the best part was the soundtrack. It was invigorating, edgy, and full of grit – everything else was completely forgettable. Or at least, rage-inducing.

Yup, this is pretty much how I felt upon realizing there was no preview for next episode. Ahhh, my hopes and dreams!


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