Hanasaku Iroha 02: Omurice of Spite

Bad parenting apparently didn’t affect Ohana too badly when she was younger; if anything, it enhanced her ability to express her hatred through delectable dishes AND increased her awareness of her conscious inconsideration! Wow, Ohana is so thoughtful.

But seriously, I wasn’t kidding when I mentioned last time that I like this show. A lot, actually. Ohana’s full of character, and I’m sure her approval ratings with many viewers are at an all-time high (unlike a certain commander-in-chief of ours at the moment – don’t take my word for it). She has a lot going for her with her persevering attitude that always seems to strike a chord with me in this slice-of-life genre. Yes, it could be cliche and mandatory at the same time, but you really have to hand it to someone that adapts so quickly and willingly to a situation completely out of her control (in the beginning, anyhow).

Ha, I do that too! Seriously, it’s tough getting up so early in the morning. And cell phone displays are usually super bright when your eyes haven’t adjusted. I always try to tilt the screen away from my eyes when I first look at it, and it cuts out at least three-quarters of the light. Give it a try, sometime.

Ohana beating Minko to the alarm and getting some stretching, cutting, AND vocal exercise at 5am? Trooper. Ohana taking the initiative to clean up the rooms without Nako-senpai’s guidance? Admirable. Realizing that Ohana probably has to repeatedly clean this same room for another thirty days because the dirty (in more ways than one) novelist that’s been staying here probably won’t leave for at least that long? Disheartening.

Even more disheartening is when you find out he’s a straight-up pervert/potential child molester/terrible writer. Well, finding out he’s a terrible writer isn’t so bad as the other two. Doesn’t stop the fact that this guy is a total creeper. We may have just found our successor to creeper-Ijima-Sensei from last season’s Yumekui Merry. Ahh, they both wear glasses!!!

I’m sorry Minko, but I’m going to have to agree with Tooru on this one – you’re a terrible cook. But you know what? I forgive you because you’re just being tsun for Ohana and her food. I’m sure she’ll realize soon that she’s been a fool for admiring Tooru all this time and just jump ship to the Ohana bandwagon. Dere Minko, start-o!

What Minko’s missing? This scene. After Ohana gets frustrated with him and tells him to die but later retracts everything said, he almost gets both of them into a car accident. I wouldn’t mind if Minko started calling her Ohana-senpai soon. Ain’t initiative wonderful?

I really hope that gesture of hers doesn’t become a habit. I can see it now: fifty years into the future, she inherits the inn and smokes smokeless Sherlock pipes while solving her guests’ mysteries using her fountain of sagacity. She’d make millions.

“Spinnach” .. “Taro..I guess”

Normally, I’d think that a situation like this would evolve into a heated fist/slap/pillow/cat fight amongst three adolescent girls, but I guess they’re too startled by what the heck just happened. How would you react if your coworker pushed you down to the ground because all she wanted to do was be your best friend while making your least favorite dish to show you how pissed off they are at you for not opening up to them? Yeah, a long and awkward pause is what I was thinking.

“I hate you mommy”

It’s the omurice of spite! Sure to win over any delinquent, selfish single mother whose child absolutely despises her for being a flake to her child’s parent-teacher conferences. I liked how Ohana decided to put a LOT of the broccoli that Satusuki dislikes. She actually redeemed herself a little by proceeding to eat it in front of a pouting Ohana. Aw, so adorable.

My overall impression of the show has increased steadily with this episode, making this series one of the more anticipated ones for me this season. A lot of nice touches like Ohana’s rather adorable background in elementary school and Manager-san’s weird mood swings helped to flesh out the characters’ inter-relationships a good amount. Minko became more likeable in my opinion (her voice is not all that bad), and Nako became even more bashful when the prospect of tutelage became a reality for her. Even Tooru got handled!

Next episode preview – Minko goes dere over Ohana’s cooking!! Woohoo!


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