Nichijou 01: Three Second Rule

Gag after gag ensues as the everyday lives of Yukko, Mio, and the rest of the cast manage to keep the laughter going at a faster pace this time around. We also learn just how important those cocktail sausages are to the average meal.

It’s funny how this episode played out; it was almost like I was watching a highlight reel with the gags in the wrong order. The pace was significantly better than episode 0, but there were still some rather dry moments.  Character fleshing? Not really. At this point, Yukko’s established herself to be the resident idiot, Mio the level-headed average girl, Mai the silent but awkwardly unique third-wheel friend, Nano the supporting yet underappreciated robot, and Hakase the intelligent yet naive brainchild. Additional appearances by elitist Kojiro and firearm-wielding Misato felt like they both came out of left field with some really random personalities, but it’s looking like they’ll be finding a comfortable spot among the main cast soon enough.

“You are”

Highlight #9:
Poor Shinigami-san scaring humans because he doesn’t understand the word. His Soul Eater counterpart does the “death god” role much more justice. And apparently, the title of this scene is Helvetica Standard; I remember using that font for several of my initial office/marketing flyers back in high school. It was such an easy font to blend in with graphics!

Highlight #8:
After Nano fails to retrieve the stolen fish from a stray cat, she somehow manages to get caught in a huge explosion and send herself flying and onto the rooftop of a random house. The explosion itself was really random, and I kept asking myself what the heck caused it. In any case, this scene totally reminded me of those RPG puzzles you just can’t ever figure out until hours have passed. You who had stupidly tedious puzzles?  The summoner mazes in Final Fantasy X. ::shudder::

Highlight #7:
Right, endanger your own pet by whipping out a shotty to blow the frisbee up before your dog reaches it. Traumatizing (at least for the dog and dog lovers themselves). I could see a bunch of animal rights activists petitioning for this show to be pulled off the air if this was in America. Thankfully, the Japanese have a good sense of humor. Except for maybe Ishihara.

Highlight #6:
Meet dumb and dumber. Kojiro’s stubbornness on riding a goat to school gets him shot by Misato during a school assembly. First dogs, now guns?! Yep, there’s no way this is going to air in the U.S. without some proper editing. In terms of butler service, Kojiro’s sure has his game set! It’s like watching pit crews at Daytona. Yeah, we only know one speed: go.

Highlight #5:
I’m sure it must be rather painful to know your creator designed you with some of the most pointless features. I mean come on, removeable, propelled toes?! At least add USB functionality to them.

Highlight #4:
Yukko gets Mio to pull the alarm (or push the alarm button, rather) on the school and causes widespread panic amongst the students. So at this point, not only is Mio the level-headed average girl, but she’s also pretty gullible. That had to have been nerve wracking though for the alarm to actually go off. Never trust Yukko!

Highlight #3:
Imaging if the world’s wars were fought using rock, paper, scissors just like in this scene. We’d either achieve world peace a lot faster or destroy each other for perceived mockery. You just have to know what flowers do the world’s powers justice!

Highlight #2:
Upon the impending explosion probably caused by Nano when trying to look for her stolen fish, Yukko gets not one or two items to the head, but three. Just when she thought it couldn’t get worse with perishable items getting thrown at her, she takes a piece of raw salmon to the side of her head. Brilliant.

Highlight #1:
Moeblob Hakase wins it for me. For some reason, her adorableness reminds me of my nephew too much. All of her insistances about Nano’s practical configuration and was a great way to close out the episode.

Next episode – well, instead of a preview, we get a closeup of Nano’s toe that seriously looks like a USB port from the inside. I wonder how many people would buy a USB toe if KyoAni decided to market this show. I….might.


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