Nichijou 02: Rollcake and Fail

Highlights this week? Nano’s rollcake coming out of her arm, and Mio taking the lead in number of fails per episode. For being the alpha of the trio, it was refreshing to see her life get turned upside down so many times.

Speaking of rollcake, I haven’t had some since Valero’s bakery in San Diego. Mocha flavor filling is always the best!

Episode starts out with Mai completely owning Yukko and Mio in a classic game of rock, paper, scissors, and recites an incantation for resurrection to get her to the top of the staircase in one round. Can someone explain what the heck the sign is that Mai used for her (single) round? They already showed rock, paper, and scissors in the prior round; it’s as if Mai’s trying to use a hybrid rock/scissors combo or something. Completely beyond me.

Adding more unintentional insult to injury is Nano’s mysterious sweet bun compartment feature on her forehead. I cracked up when both the compartment and CD tray opened at the same time. Even better was when Hakase goes and recommends putting music playback as a feature in an attempt to sympathize. Oh man.

Yuuko continues to show off her fair share of idiocy by completely botching a jump rope session, much like Mio in the previous episode. As soon as Yukko started tilting in the air, I knew she had nowhere to go but down to the ground for a mean faceplant. I’ve done this too, but on a snowboard in snow and off a jump. Still hurt.

Ah, onto the best parts. Mio takes home the trophy this time around for most bouts of fail in one episode. I’m pretty sure she showed up for a lot more than half of the episode, which I’m sure wasn’t to intentionally catch up to Yuuko’s level. After all, if she didn’t have an extremely messed up but hilarious sister rigging her alarm clock and chasing her down the neighorhood to collect $23 from her, only to use it to try and treat her out to ramen minutes later, I’m sure Mio wouldn’t have had as much attention this time around.

And what does her sister get for bullying Mio? Not one, not two, but three corkscrew punches to the face. Oh, that would have been perfect if Hakase’s voice actress did the drill punch instead, a la Lucky Channel-madness style. Akira desperately needs a cameo in this.

Onto more Mio-fail as she not only tries to cover up from Yukko her passion for doodling Yaoi in her homework notebook, but also accidentally hands it over to the teacher after she finally retrieves it. If this all had to do with her messed up alarm and bully of a sister, then I’d have a lot to worry about her once she starts having to pull all-nighters for college exams. She’ll be writing fujoshi novels before she even knows it.

Also, buying back your own notebook for $12 just to cover up your embarrassing hobby? Hmm..fifty-fifty. It kind of makes sense, but again, that’s a good $12. Back when I was in high school, that covered four days of lunch. I guess most people’d rather starve for four lunch breaks in a row than be exposed. Pride is a wonderful thing.

Kojiro rockin’ the Virtual Boy while pissing off Misato for never paying attention to her. Now that was classic. I remember never being able to beat any game because my eyes would spaz after playing for a mere three minutes. The only games that even looked remotely good on that display were the Mario games. Still, nothing beats a little Strong Bad virtual boy action. “You can’t control me!”

Misato’s firepower has to get better with each passing appearance. She went from revolver to bazooka to high-speed machine gun to 9-round missile launcher, all in a span of roughly five minutes. Is she in the right show for all of this? Next up: laxatives mashed into powder and sprinkled on top of Hakase/Nano-brand flan. Kojiro would gladly eat it..with both his pinkies stretched outward.

Haha, extended pinkies. True sign of upper class. As well as having your butler change and wash you and fix your glasses for your as you head to and from the restroom.

Super-saiyan Mio rocks. I hope this means Mai is next. She’s overdue for a crazy, random personality flip like every time I try to differentiate Mamiko Noto as the bashful Sawako in Kimi ni Todoke versus her role as the more talkative, gossipy Tomoe Wajima in Hanasaku Iroha. Even if Mai doesn’t get a power up, I’m still looking forward to her outsmarting that clever jump rope that both Mio and Yukko can’t conquer for some reason.


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