Nichijou 03: Dumb and..

This week’s loser award is reclaimed by Yuuko as she tries yet unsurprisingly fails at doing her homework, arm wrestling against Mai, negotiating for answers, and keeping secrets. She’s her own Dumb and Dumber but without the need for two people. Seriously, who has room in their school bag to tote a karaoke mic, broccoli and cauliflower, 30%-off ground beef, an apple, a whole bag of rice? I guess that’s why 1) Yuuko is terrible with anything involving academics because of the lack of academic materials in her book bag, and 2) Mai doesn’t snap her arm off after losing 23 rounds in a row of arm wrestling.

As for secrets, Yuuko’s Maitreya statue homocide and subsequent offerings of apple juice, candy, flowers, even more candy, and yakisoba bread to Mai really showcased her immense amount of irresponsibility. This show is really doing a good job fleshing out her character to be the worst type of friend, but it’s just so entertaining to see it from a third-person perspective.

Anyway, we’re three episodes in (not counting ep. 00), and they’ve hit it right on the nail with how my reaction to the show has been. This time around, it has been a rather balanced portion of good laughter, whereas other times it’s been like:

Some of the new gags that were introduced this week, like the vice principle’s voodoo, really didn’t make sense to me. The pacing seemed a little off as well. But where the show feels like it falters a little, it makes up for redundancy. Creative, recurring themes such as each girl’s jump roping experiences, Nano and Hakase’s bouts at rock-paper-scissors (of course Hakase wins again), and Mai’s Maitreya doll help give each new episode some significance to a prior episode, which helps the repetition from going stale as the series progresses. KyoAni even upped the moe levels when Hakase and Nano had a petting bout with Sakamoto’s fluff.

I’d say the biggest takeaway from the idea of recurring themes had to do with explaining how Sakamoto became Hakase’s and Nano’s pet cat, as well as how he gained the ability to talk. If you missed out on episode 00, now’s a good chance to see it to understand how it’d have been a treat to see him reappear as what’s looking like a more permanent roll in the Shinonome household.

KyoAni still does the best tears, in my opinion. It’s all in the lighting, i.e. classic sunset light shining through the classroom windows. The photographer in me gets excited about little things like that.

Next episode preview? None really. Just that voodoo doll I still didn’t get. Would it be sad to know that the only thing I’m really looking forward to is whose turn is up next in the jump rope segment?


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