Focal Point: Night Photography at the Orange Circle

Wynston Fernando and his awesome new lens.

What happens when you have a handful of friends who love photography and live in Orange County? You choose one of a few dozen or so places you can take your camera to and snap some pics. That’s the beauty of my handful of friends, who convinced me that I should continue holding off on my laundry and catching up on the anime portion of this blog to go shooting with them at the Orange Circle/Downtown Orange.

I labeled this as night photography when I really should have specified that it’s night photography sans flash, plus a few exceptions. About a quarter into the session, I packed my flash back into my bag and started focusing my eyes on the ambient lighting all around since the Circle has so many street lights to color the photos. One of the exceptions I made was using a Maglite LED flashlight to highlight Denny, but have the camera quite a distance from him. I love the concept of off-shoe lighting! I just have to utilize it more.

Big thanks to Wynston Fernando, Gian Villapando for making the experience fun, as well as Denny Tran to being pseudo-model for us. He was just hanging out, so I’m sure his participation was inevitable at some point!


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