Focal Point: 2010, Year in Review

After experimenting with a new watermark the past few days, I decided to test it on what I consider to be some of the best photos I took last year. I fell right into the notoriety of having dozens of photos in one set, only to realize as many as two or three per set really stood out. After having my DSLR for nearly a year prior to when these photos were taken, I always questioned what differentiated my work from the others. Concerns of how I could break through with my own style(s), how available I even was to capture these moments, and to what degree I wanted to take this hobby continuously surfaced anytime I glanced at a photo either taken by me or someone else.

Then, I realized something. Something that I’m still working on to this day. It’s all whatever you make of it. Nature has a funny way of working itself out, and it’s within nature’s mentality that I need to keep myself focused. Thus, these images from 2010 don’t display a specific type of photography. You won’t see grandiose weddings, professional models, famous products, or Ansel Adams-grade landscapes. Looking back these twelve months, I’ve noticed I hadn’t solidified a niche or two (or a handful) for my photos to call home. My choice of expression usually gravitates around the raw moments of life. Period. Raw laughter, raw happiness, raw comfort, raw achievement, raw nature; the beauty of candidness is that you don’t typically stage these moments. They just happen. My photography just happens. Oftentimes, I’d like to be there when things just happen. I guess I’ve been getting lucky.

What’s next for 2011? Probably more control. I’d like to better control subtleties within the confines of a moment. I’d also like to, by the end of this year, define what kind of photography I’d like to share with clients. Above all, I want to continue capturing that rawness of life. I think it’s what I’m good at. I’m sure a niche or two will find me, or I’ll find them.

Thank you to everyone who’s allowed me to have their wonderful faces grace the pixels of my camera, and to those whose influences and direction have guided me to make the best of each photo I take. You’ve all been great.


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