Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai 14:

(Mostly) everyone’s favorite goth-loli by night, sharp-tongued loner by day returns for yet another round of jabs against Sena for being such an awkwardly over-the-top representation of the fujoshi archetype. Her biggest development? Being able to accept Sena for who she is and acknowledge the fact that Ruri needs her help in getting her visual-novel game done. Bravo, Kuroneko.

Last episode was such a huge troll for introducing Sena’s personality. When she broke out of her shell at that time and slipped on fantasizing about one of the club members in ways I absolutely refuse to summarize here, I didn’t think it could get any worse. Well, it got worse this time around (but still entertaining), and we got a quick barrage of Sena talking up her RPG scenarios and using the club members as models for the ‘action’ scenes. Ugh. I’m gonna stop here with that.

See, even Ruri was shocked.

The biggest development had to have been Ruri’s slow realization of some big wars she’s been fighting within herself. Glimpses of these internal conflicts in the past few episodes wound up being a reflection of how she can’t trust her own motivation to achieve anything great. Seeing her appreciation for a certain girl who left for America really squashed that growing notion of mine about Ruri’s initially cold-hearted nature. It’s nice to see that Ruri recognizes and accepts that she’s been feeling one-upped against Kirino all this time in a lot of aspects of their lives, but it was also great to know that she’s trying her best and pushing herself to not be second-rate while still finding the meaning of ‘fun’ while she’s at it. With Kirino not around and only one episode left, I’m sure that Ruri achieving her goals won’t be an issue.

Lastly, I’m still proud that they’re all using Vaio laptops…or should I say Avio? One writes novel script, the other corrects program coding, and Kyousuke’s left to test the game in every possible scenario. I love this crew by default. They use great hardware.

Finale writeup for whenever episode 15 comes out. Persistence is on your side, Kyousuke!


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