A Channel 02: Tsukasa Hybrid

Run continues to be her ditzy self, Yuuko continues to be harassed by Tooru and Nagi, and it rains. I think that pretty much sums up this episode. Am I forgetting anything?

Something tells me that if the script for A Channel and Lucky Star were finalists in a studio drawing, Kyoto Animation obviously won Lucky Star and Studio Gokumi got runner-up. Either I’m being heavily biased because I loved Lucky Star, or the story/character combination here is too unoriginal. At least for an unoriginal setting, the characters could shine. Right now, the only person that stands out as more original than anyone else is Nagi. The level-headed, too-sharp-for-real-glasses one of the bunch  knows how to keep everyone in check!

Kitou-sensei’s poetry quirk was fantastic as well. Apparently, her delusions of the usual springtime of youth drive her to passionately bust out haiku better than Takateru’s drive to slowly but surely impress Saki.

And when you think of side characters as being more entertaining than the main cast, you know the story has a problem.

Oh, that’s what the animators should do – just draw the characters with their hair down! Or just give Run a Tsukasa hair ribbon and call it a day.

I have the next episode in queue, and I also realize I didn’t blog about episode one (which was still kind of so-so to me, especially for an introductory episode). I’m still considering whether this is going in the blog reel because I had trouble keep my attention span throughout this episode. The funny thing is that this isn’t really a show meant for innovation, so I’m willing to give the next episode a shot if I can get enough entertaining moments out of it.


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