Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season 12: Rivalry (Final)

There you have it – these two characters are the reason why the story exists in the first place. Not necessarily Kazehaya. It’s strangely ironic that the rivalry between Sawako and Kurumi was in fact complementary to the evolution of the main relationship, but you have to admit that without either of these two girls, Kazehaya would just be the same day-in, day-out popular high school kid.

(I’m half-glad there’s no set law book on blogging, but I do feel bad for leaving this one out for so long. Without further ado…)

Kazehaya’s relishing in victory as he cycles off into the distance after bidding Sawako farewell for the day was monumental by this show’s standards. I’m sure his fist pump was similar to the handful of fans of this show as they exhaled a huge sigh of relief for finally reaching this conclusion. It’s been a long time coming for this awkwardly shy but perfect duo.

“I like you”

Gee, who didn’t see that one coming from miles away? Ryuu’s playfulness in this scene reminded me why the two of them are great side characters to fluff up the main coupling.

Gotta hand it to Kurumi, though. Despite being the sacrificial catalyst and stepping stone for Kazehaya’s growing feelings for Sawako, she handled her last few scenes very well, even so much as standing up to the group of gossip girls still bent on trying to break Sawako and Kazehaya up. Her reveal about Sawako being the reason she was able to confess to Kazehaya in the first place was a nice little catch that put the rivalry dynamic in a nice little ironic spin.

Let’s face it – despite Kurumi not really enjoying Sawako’s presence and Sawako never understanding Kurumi’s true intentions, they both needed each other. Kurumi finally got over the non-reciprocated confession and Sawako was finally able to bring her feelings of any given situation to the surface without fear of judgment. Both characters evolved for the better under their own circumstances.

And they all lived happily ever after… until the college years began. Which I’m sure will never be covered, unless the show decides to follow in the curtails of a certain other show about four light music club members’ university lives. What boggles my mind about the ending is that Sawako decided to keep the chocolates she withheld since Valentine’s Day. Wouldn’t those have spoiled by this episode?! And I’m sorry, but that beanie looks really lame against a summer backdrop. Welcome, elf Kazehaya.

(Actually, you begin to develop a tolerance for things you wear just because your girlfriend got/made it for you. Must be some unwritten rule of forgiveness and the natural shedding of self-consciousness when you enter a relationship)

Final Thoughts: What was probably the slowest romance I’ve ever seen since I began watching anime in the early ’00s turned out to be one of the deepest, most realistic (believe it), and most entertaining series to date. Sometimes, buildup is too much of a bad thing, but the pacing of this show kept the right formula and smoothed out the characters enough to make them and the environment very likeable across two seasons. Each of the characters played off each other very well and helped bring some life to an otherwise bland start to the friendship and eventual relationship of Sawako and Kazehaya. So many times did I want to cheer on their friends as they backed each other up (especially Chizuru and Ayane for Sawako). Music and animation were well done, providing enough bubbly  and atmospheric presence to showcase the naivety and newness of life in the characters.

A solid thumbs-up for anyone looking for something a little beyond the typical shoujo genre. Romance, tears, and blushed cheeks galore!


6 thoughts on “Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season 12: Rivalry (Final)

  1. I agree with you… When I watch the 1st season, I actually think that it was end. But after the 2nd season came up, it really well built to connect the 1st and 2nd season. Also, since the first season, the plot and pacing is really great to follow (not like any anime that will have faster pace on the last episode). So, I agree with you, that this anime was really an enjoyable school romance anime..

  2. The closest series I can relate this to was Kare Kano, which would have continued to reign as my favorite school romance anime had its budget not dried up.

    I still think Kimi ni Todoke’s plot could have been better written to fit a single 24-epi run, but at least characters like Ayane, Chizuru, and Ryuu helped churn the story a bit.

  3. hmm..which year kare kano is released?I haven’t see it yet..Another anime with school romance genre, that I have been watched, is Kimi Kiss.. Have you watch it?? But I think it has different plot with kimi ni todoke, cause it’s got some ecchi included..
    yeah, that’s true..But another chara’s story is also good.. Like what happen between Chizu and Ryuu’s brother..
    On the ending of first season, I think that it has ended..But on the beginning of the second season it come up, some plot that I didn’t expect that could happen.. And I think that was the good thing..(maybe it’s because, I’m still unexperience too..hoho)

  4. Kare Kano began airing in 1998. I found out about it because I was a big fan of Evangelion and found out the director was the same. The show definitely hits a lot more serious points about relationships than Kimi ni ever did.

    Kimikiss was an interesting series. Not to spoil, I would definitely say it had unreached potential. On that note, I’d actually recommend Amagami SS. It had an omnibus storytelling format, and each girl had a unique story with the male lead. Definitely lots of d’awww moments like in Kimi ni!!

  5. Hmm..since it has the same director with evangelion maybe it’s true that Kare kano has more serious point that Kimi ni..maybe later I’ll ask my friend here if he still has it..or maybe just DL it by myself..can’t wait to watch it..hoho

    Oow, yeah..have watch it too.. I really like the scene at library when Jun was kissed by Mori-senpai, on the first arch… >.< Mori-senpai arch is the best arch for bout you??

    • I’m not gonna lie, I have a nice tie between the Kaoru and Tsukasa arcs. Kaoru’s playful antics with Juinichi make their progressive friendship-turned-lovers pretty realistic and probably the most down to earth of the girls. Tsukasa’s arc was really amusing because of her extreme personality split and how Juinichi was able to deal with both of them rather efficiently.

      I only wish Kaoru and Juinichi had more of an ending like he and Tsukasa did. What happened to them in the future?!

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