Focal Point: Downtown Santa Ana / Moods

This week’s installment is based on the locale of downtown Santa Ana and its notoriety for being a gathering spot for the creative arts. Yet for a place that nourishes the notion of said creativity, I was definitely not feeling much of it at the time, or I felt I wasn’t meeting some facade of inner expectation that I began to garner from the time spent with my camera and a few friends that night. For whatever reason, my photos this time around definitely felt more moody and withdrawn, complacent and bland, directionless like the swarm of arrows pointing to different locations.

Instead, what I thought was going to be a rather neatly packed disaster of images wound up being a rather salvageable set full of expression, just approached from an atypical fashion in my usual rotation of rather ‘happy’ images as of late.

My personal lesson for this week (and for a while now)? Never set untouchable expectations. What seems like a mess can only turn out good; it just depends on the approach in making the outcome the exact opposite – an unexpected success.


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