Nichijou 05: Shamans like Frappes

What’s better than a blind, female shaman that eats greasy McDonald’s fries, sips a Starbucks latte, manages a Tamagotchi, and rocks out to tunes on her pink 2nd-generation iPod nano? A blind, female shaman that has all of that, plus trolls Nakanojo (mohawk kid) for 5,000 yen for summoning, of all things, soap. I hope I’m not the only one thinking Nakanojo has some sort of trick up his sleeve to try and get the hair on the side of his head to grow (back?).

(The show continues to maintain its pension for absolute randomness. And trolling. Everyone loves trolls at Kyoto Animation)

Hakase went and approved for me to blog about this week’s episode first since I was behind on last week’s. The power of Hakase-nyan is quite compelling, even to Sakamoto…. -san.

Did anyone else think Hakase’s unintentional addition of sunglasses to Nano’s daruma doll looked just like Gendo Ikari? It was a commendable effort to try and hide up the fact that she totally messed up in filling out the second eye, and even more commendable for trying to play it off in front of Nano by saying she’s pregnant. The gods of misfortune must love Hakase now. What was it that Nano wanted to achieve, anyway? Is it her Disney-esque wish to become human? Looks like that’s not going to happen anytime soon now, thanks to Hakase’s antics.

With the amount of times the show’s characters have messed with Yukko, she actually now deserves to be in the hall of fame of picked-on personalities. We can no longer go an entire episode without Yukko getting owned or shut down in any number of her silly yet simple tabletop games. Tomo Takino would be very proud of her.

Seriously, Yukko not only gets smacked by Mai (at least three times or so) while playing rock-paper-scissors, but also gets knocked upside the head by Mio after accidentally hitting her with a Daruma doll-drop layer. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of her antics. Mio on the other hand… I don’t hear her enough at all anymore.

The segment that showed Yukko competing against Mio for whose drawing would appear on the next test was a good chunk of her screen presence this time around. She better at least hold Yukko accountable for her plagiarist ways before she capitalizes on it and has to be taken to court for intellectual property theft.

I think I’ve watched too much “The Social Network”. Mio here looked just like Eduardo when he found out that he signed his own death certificate. So sad. Even more amusing is Yukko getting trolled some more by being the only one in the class to not get a test passed back to her. Even when other characters are in focus, I love how Yukko still manages to get picked on. She’ll be doomed when she joins the workforce in a few years’ time.

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