Cabo San Lucas (May 2011) Preview II: Land’s End

I’m back! But still swamped as ever. Lenses just came in for an upcoming wedding Wynston and I are shooting this Saturday, which completes my own holy-trinity of focal lengths (10mm all the way to 200mm). Walk-through of the church and timeline of events tomorrow evening after work, followed by some continued manual transmission tutoring for one of my friends. Then, it’s off to P-Grad on Friday, and then the big day on Saturday. After that, a possible engagement shoot up in Santa Barbara might take place. I don’t even have time to take the lenses out for a test drive yet!

But what the heck happened to all the days I wasn’t around to post anything? The above shot of Land’s End (or El Arco de Cabo San Lucas) is a preview of the large set of photos I took across the five days I was on the southern-most tip of Baja, and represents a snippet of the photos I hope to finish before the rest of the week draws closer. I just know that I won’t be able to get back to the trip photos unless I finish it tonight. Feels like finals, but with a hobby instead. Totally worth the (eu)stress.

(Apparently, the water line recedes by about that much only every three years or so, and people are able to walk around on the sand and enjoy the approaching waves. We were fortunate to witness this.)

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