Focal Point: Cabo San Lucas, In 20 Stills

900 photos became 200. 200 became 20. 20 stills tell the story of why my (first independent) international vacation was such a huge success, and why I will probably see myself flying off on another adventure in the near future. What better way than to kick it off with a citrus-rich adult beverage immediately upon entering our place of stay for five fantastic days under the 80-degree sun.

(Sure feels good to be back. I felt like I’ve been so busy and had to step away from blogging for a while to catch up on life. So many shows to talk about!)

Day 1

My first time at an airport since I was young had me feeling like one of the golden ticket holders in Willy Wonka. I was so eager to board a plane on my own and experience the air travel bug. Little did I know that the journey from airport to airport to resort (Riu) would take up most of the day. Thus, we only had dinner at the buffet, and then proceeded to check out the evening entertainment facing the shore. Those Broadway dancers sure know how to strut their stuff.

Day 2

The temperature was a consistently dry 82 degrees with mostly clear, blue skies and beautifully warm ocean water. Most of the second day was spent exploring much of Cabo San Lucas’ more aquatic lifestyle. We did everything from lounge in the pool, walk around downtown, and even caught a water taxi to Land’s End/El Arco. Our ‘taxi captain’ was probably one of the nicest locals we ever met while down there, even going as far as to get close to another boat to call out to the tourists who were feeding salty potato chips to the endangered fish. Apparently, the fish species are slowly dying because of the naive tourist activity in the area.

Land’s End is probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. As I mentioned before, the water recedes only every three or four years, so our group was able to walk along the shores of El Arco and experience the last of the Rocky Mountains firsthand. Rather breathtaking, but equally dangerous for someone like me who has a valuable camera. We had to run around the edge of the shore just around that arch to avoid getting hit by the incoming waves. My camera got sprayed with water so much at a certain point that my Menu button stopped working for a while. Luckily, dry water and salty air make for great drying agents!

Day 3

You would have sworn the next few photos just came from some place in Southern California. We headed about fourteen miles north on highway 1 to catch some sun and waves at Zipper’s beach. I was able to sneak in some relaxing meditation, shoot some really beach-ish photos (jump shots, footprints in the sand, surfers, etc.), and manage to get sunburned. It was here that I truly realized how beautiful the water was.

The surf shop that Tony rented boards from was pretty cool as well. I wish we had a chance to write on their wall, too.

I have yet to visit SoCal’s beaches again this year, but I know that it just won’t be the same! If only the water was a little warmer here.

After coming back from an entire day of more adventures, we decided to hop back in the pool and ‘cool down.’. There’s just something about couples on these trips that makes their photos turn out so much more fun!

Day 4

The morning was dedicated to an attempt at deep-sea fishing; instead, our trip ended in vain with no bites, and a very sea-sick Ashley. We were looking to catch a marlin fish, which is a very popular fish in the ports of Cabo; and it was tournament season when we went. Perhaps that’s why we were out of luck in finding one. We definitely needed more than two hours out at sea to find one.

The gentleman on the right was excited to see me because he wanted to talk to me about the Mosley vs. Pacquaio fight the night prior. “All of the people of Mexico are cheering for Pacquaio!” he had such great energy that morning. I’ll also never forget those blatant Tecate advertisements in between each round. I bet none of those female models could ever really box in real life.

“Guns. Lots of them.”

None of us were really used to seeing men with automatic rifles, so this was a rather amusing sight.

The rest of the day was dedicated to soaking up some more sun at the pool, taking some engagement photos for my coworker and her fiance, and enjoying more variety show entertainment. I felt like I was watching a Mexican version of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, only just as hilarious. The energy in the crowd shows it all.

Day 5

Photography-wise, this day was undocumented for the most part. We woke up early on this last day of our vacation just to go wave running. It was my first time participating, and it was an amazing experience. Not only did we get close to Land’s End from our previous adventure, but we also went around three huge cruise ships that were docked all along the water for its passengers to experience the port of Cabo. It was breathtaking.

The above twenty photos are what define my fantastic experience to Cabo San Lucas. The all-inclusive, 24-hour resort we stayed at had great meals, service, entertainment, and adult beverages (around the clock). Life outside of the resort was vibrant, raw, and refreshing (at least to us tourists). I would be happy to take another trip down to Cabo next year around the same time. Next time though, I have to be sure to bring a waterproof case for my camera!


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