Focal Point Preview: Contemplation

My, what an eventful Thursday this has been. I was able to experience two photo-related events back to back since shooting a wedding and assisting with an engagement session two weeks ago. Being away from semi-active blogging allowed for many changes, moments of contemplation (much like the model above), and an introspective look on what exactly gets the right side of my brain going.

Today’s highlights? Attending the Los Angeles SmugMug 50’s pinup battle to get some hands-on experience with studio equipment, and photographing an art show that showcased talented high school-level pieces. I’m on a creative rush, and it’s something I’ve been needing for quite some time now.

The anime side of this blog has been lacking a bit in lieu of more of my time dedicated offline to all things photography, but I still appreciate those who’ve dropped by to read some of the older posts. While I don’t guarantee that I’ll be able to retro-blog the many weeks of episodes I hadn’t talked about yet, there’s definitely new material brewing for me to discuss and elaborate. This upcoming Memorial Day weekend should be quite the breather for me to catch up.

Special thanks to the LA SmugMug group for the opportunity to photograph some great models and meet some fantastic people, as well as Olive Crest Academy and Nova Academy Early College High School for allowing me to experience such great artwork by some great, young talent. My pool of inspiration has expanded exponentially.


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