Nendoroid Kirino Kousaka: GSC #124

Picked up this gem from Kinokuniya Bookstore in Costa Mesa! I figured that a local shop would tote it for cheaper post-tax/shipping as opposed to my usual choice of online retailer HobbyLink Japan.

For my display, I chose to have her hold a shopping bag as she gawks at her newly acquired Stardust Witch Meruru DVD. As other possible pose options, she comes with a cell phone, a crossed arm look, a hands-on-her-face look, and two other facial expressions (one series and the other rather cheerful).  For those who haven’t seen my other Good Smile Company nendoroids, I seem to have a thing for the goofy face look; Kirino makes another amusing addition to the group.

Official release date is July 2011, so I’m pretty stoked I got mine early. If you can find this nendoroid at a local retailer for under $49, you’re better off buying it there instead of having it shipped. Even with HLJ’s recent 20%-off FedEx shipping promotion going on, you’re still going to save yourself a few dollars by helping your local shop.

Good Smile Company Product Info
Series Info


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